Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3.5 days in Vegas Equals 1 Week of Recovery

Seriously, this getting older crap just isn't fair! Between Vegas hangover and fighting a cold, Monday was the first day I finally started to feel like myself again. 

The Thursday morning we left I got up at 3am and A dropped me off on her way to work to catch my ride to the airport. Friday morning when I finally crawled in bed, I called her and she was up getting ready for work again. I had yet to go to sleep!

We danced and danced every night. There are no photos but the dried blisters on my feet tell a different tale. Fun, fun times! Those heels where so worth the pain. 

The one thing about Vegas is there is never a reason to be bored. You don't even have to spend a lot. There's so much to see or just find a cool bar and hang out enjoying the DJ or band. The hotel gave us free tickets to the comedy show one night. I didn't gamble even 1 penny.
Hanging out with Little Elvis on The Strip.
 Dueling pianos at NY-NY. They were great and I was crushing on the guy on the left all afternoon. 
 New York, New York skyline.
 I got to meet MJ after the Legends Show at the Harrah. Good god I look like I've been awake 24 hours in this picture. Would you believe we went dancing after this?
 Five years ago I rode the bull at Gilley's.
He was still there waiting but I left the riding up to others this time. 
 Instead I hung out on their saddle bar stools and enjoyed their awesome spicy Bloody Marys.
 The gals of Crazy Girls outside the Rivera.

Friday evening we went downtown to Fremont Street for some old Vegas fun. It's like a big street party down there every night.
 Buffet at the Golden Nugget.

 We watched the show on the screen overhead. I met this great (and oddly soft-spoken) Gene Simmons look alike. Gene and I share the same quirky phobias. I think it's possible I'm a long lost daughter.
We rode the zip-line down the length of Fremont.
And no I did not eat here before or after climbing a 65 foot tower to zip-line. I only stopped to snap a quick photo.  

There was a little girly office drama, but mostly I just tried to stay out of it and not let it color my experience. The only thing that would have made the trip better was if A had been there with me. When we landed in Minneapolis Sunday, all I could think was how happy I was to be home with her. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the best part of vacation for me is coming home.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

32 Hours

Do you ever feel like your life is full-steam ahead and you're just stumbling along trying to keep up? That is the position I 'm finding myself in these days. I truly thought that by January my schedule would slow but things that were once months away are now the day after tomorrow; 32 hours until takeoff.

That's right Las Vegas baby!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving one of my doctors sent out an IM on our inter-office message system; "At 1pm we need all employees to meet in the breakroom. We have important news and it affects everyone in the office." Holy shit! We were freaking out ALL morning! 
At 1pm we all gather with butterflies in our stomachs and dreading whatever news they have. Instead they drop the bomb on us--Las Vegas for our Christmas party! Yep, 10 gals, 2 docs and their wives for 4 days of whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The only bummer is that A won't be there to share it with me.

Of course this news required weeks of heavy duty shopping and outfit planning. Yes, I have done several suitcase packing trials because I'm admittedly high-maintanence and didn't know if I could fit it all into a carry-on. I have a few events planned but otherwise I'm flying free for 4 days and see where I end up. There will definitely be many pictures. A has already given me strict orders to "cut loose". God I hope I don't end up on that reality show "Las Vegas Jailhouse" but if I do I will be sure to get an autograph from the petite, blonde corrections officer, Nicole Sittre'. A has a crush on her...even if she won't admit it. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I spent the whole day in my PJs.

What a great start to 2012.

Our original plan for January 1st was some much needed grocery shopping and running a few errands. We got up late and had brunch. A went out to pick up her newspaper from the front porch and settled in her favorite chair to read. I was mindlessly staring at the TV when she asked "Do you REALLY want to go shopping today?" I took one glance out the window at the snow flurries and listened to the howling north wind and decided I was more than happy to stay home. After all we had already traversed the icy unplowed roads last night. I almost hate to write how mild our Minnesota winter has been so far; hardly any snow and temperatures in the 40s. But New Year's eve some winter arrived to remind us and I know how dearly we are going to pay for this pleasant weather.

A decided that today was perfect to make soup and  Ms. Moon's Angel biscuits too. For the recipe, check it out HEREAs A says so poetically, "These are the best damn biscuits I've ever had!" After all her labor in the kitchen, I was more than happy to sit around in my PJs eating soup and biscuits all day. It's a carb-lovers dream.

We joined Faye and JK to ring in the new year. JK was on duty performing as Elvis. The crowd was older and not too rowdy. The good thing about hanging in a small suburban bar is the cheap drinks; 2 for 1 drinks until 10pm. I got a pretty good buzz for under $10. At one point (and to be a smart ass I'm sure) A brought over a Long Island Iced tea. One sip and my stomach remembered my trip on the Long Island expressway last January. *gag* NEVER again!

Even though it wasn't the most exciting night ever, I'm grateful that I got to spend the evening in the company of great friends and my love. At midnight I happily raised my glass of champagne and gave A a huge kiss. Welcome 2012.

On our way out, A snapped a quick picture of me with my new camera bag/purse. This one is for you Mark.
I love the fact it looks like any one of my many other purses. In fact when we arrived Faye immediately started to admire it. She appreciates a new purse as much as I do. And in case you're wondering why I'm carrying around a blue octopus, let me introduce you to Tako.
He's been traveling around the country visiting Japanese Chin households and just arrived Saturday from Canada for a short visit. In a week or so I'll add photos to his memory book and then mail him off.