Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Much For Happy New Year

Right now I'm supposed to be finishing a fabulous dinner of Japanese food and then heading off to meet up with friends to ring in 2010. So why am I sitting here blogging? My sweetheart has the flu; headache, cough, sore throat, chills, fever-yeah, definitely the flu. She had to go to work for a few hours this morning and called to say her throat was sore and she had a terrible headache. She insisted we were still going to dinner at least. I knew better and cancelled our reservation. By the time she walked in the door she had the chills so bad I immediately put her in bed under the heating blanket.

  • warm tea
  • kleenex
  • throat drops
  • ibuprofen
  • one old dog for comfort and cuddling
I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. I wanted a stomach bug, not the flu.
It's cold but clear here in Minnesota tonight. At least I have a terrific view of the blue moon and can enjoy the Three Stooges marathon on AMC. I also have a bottle of champange so the dogs and I can toast at midnight.
Happy New Year to everyone!

Finally Meme

I was tagged by Ang over at "Grace Needs Freedom" to do this photo meme weeks ago. I decided I had to complete this mission before 2010 rolls in- I can't carry this anchor into the new year.

1. Copy and paste meme from the person who tagged you.
2. Run a Google images search on your answer to the question.
3. Choose a relevant image that suits your taste and needs.
4. Add a description.
5. Tag four innocent bystanders to pass the damn thing on to and leave a comment on their blog so they know what's up.
6. Have fun!

1. The place where I was born:

My mother always refers to my birthday as the day I hatched. So there you have it!

2. The place I grew up:

I was hatched and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

3. The place I live now:

The flat frozen tundra they call Minnesota. Here they park their ass in the middle of a frozen lake four months out of the year.

4. My high school mascot:

The Hillbillies---not really but it should have been.

5. The university I attended:

Minnesota State University.

6. My favorite wild animal:

Since I can't choose my sweetheart, I will choose any of the big wild cats.

7. Favorite vacation spot:
Key West, Florida and the entire lower keys. When we plan a vacation we keep finding ourselves drawn back. It's really gay friendly and open there.

And our favorite beach at Bahia Honda State Park in located just a short drive away.

8. My favoite sport:

Is skydiving a sport?  I have jumped a few times and would love to do it more. Life just keeps getting in the way. I don't watch or enjoy any professional sports.                                                     

9. My favorite movie:

It is hard to pick one movie but I chose John Carpenter's 1978 original Halloween.

10. My age:

11. My hobby:
My work with rescue takes up a lot of my spare time and doesn't leave much for hobbies.
But I do love to read and collecting books (especially old ones).

12. My favorite color:

13. My favorite song:
Now this was an extremely hard one. What music I want to listen to varies daily and sometimes hourly depending on my mood. I chose one song I noticed I ususally never skip over when it comes across my Ipod.
"Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult

14. My favorite book:
This is one I find myself returning to over and over.

15. My favorite clothing brand:
"I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful" - Bill Murray in "What About Bob?"
I don't pay much attention to labels. I buy whatever I feel comfortable wearing and makes me feel good.

16. My job/career:
I do the job everyone loves to hate. I'm told on a daily basis how much I'm hated

17. My favorite TV show:
I LOVE Seinfeld and will watch it over and over and laugh everytime.

18. My addiction:
I think A is planning to stage an intervention. Watch for my episode on the A&E series.

19. My weakness:
These cute little faces.

20. My favorite food:
Most people would probably list chocolate or some other tasty snack but I have a weakness for breads, rolls and biscuits. I especially love them fresh from the bakery and slathered with butter (the real stuff). I'm such a carb whore!

So now I have completed my meme and since I hate rules and will break as many as I feel like, I say fuck it and I'm not tagging any other poor souls to carry this on. Pick it up at your own discretion because it took FOREVER to complete it!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

For Sarcastic Bastard

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Wish Santa Would Have Left A Bottle of Pepto Bismol in My Stocking

I feel disgusting, gross, bloated and generally foul! I'm going to have to fast and detox before I can feel like myself again; too much food, too many sweets and too much alcohol. I'm thankful the season for over-indulgence is over. I'm pulling my fat jeans out and looking at the calendar-30 days until I need to be in a swimsuit. I'm still holding out the hope I may contract a good stomach virus.

A and I hosted 2 Christmas dinners this year. Our original plan was to make a small dinner on Christmas Eve and go spend the evening with her dad then Christmas day here with my family. Of course the midwest was nailed with a massive snowstorm and here in Minnesota we were not spared. Dinner with her dad was rescheduled for Sunday. Christmas day my family's dinner went off without a hitch. Whew! Today we had our dinner with A's dad. Our small dinner for 3 or 4 mutated into dinner for 12 which left A and I scrambling a bit at the last minute to make sure we had enough food for everyone. I will admit I was a bit annoyed by the fact that some people invited themselves and didn't offer to help but just kept chanting, "It's the holiday and I will be generous to my GF's family."  It doesn't help that there has been underlying tension between some members of her family and I since the beginning. Those stories are best saved for another post.

A and I set a new record and lasted until December 23rd before we opened gifts. I have to make a confession: this is our 11th Christmas together and we have NEVER made it until the actual holiday. One year we actually opened our gifts on December 19th. Our rationale-we were flying out for vacation on December 26th and we needed time to play with our "toys". Another year we opened gifts before we were finished shopping. The next day we went shopping again, came home, wrapped gifts and immediately exchanged and opened them. Santa was good to me this year and in addition to my computer desk, I received books, movies, clothes and new PJs.

We spent our holiday shovelling and snowblowing. Thankfully the temperatures were pleasant and we could be out working and playing in the snow. I actually don't mind these days when it's the just the two of us with the dogs. The snow is higher than the dogs so there are paths that need to be dug in the backyard so they have an area to relieve themselves. A is such a good mama and actaully digs out mazes for them with little "rest areas" along the way. We had such a blast running the maze and having them chase us. This photo is what happens when you are standing on the deck taking pictures of your gf working and the snow blows off the roof into your face. That's what I get for not being helpful!

Part of the maze in our yard.

A and Timmy out for a run.

Our foster dog on the run in the snow.

Sia tries to help A make snow angels.

Our little girl, Sia, had snowballs in her fur but had an incredibly good time.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours

(L to R) Orville, Gizzy, Sia, Popper and Timmy

Monday, December 21, 2009

For Jude

Save your voice-hand these out instead. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Wonderful Day

A and I gave up another Saturday morning sleeping in to head out on the road to help with a dog transport. It was time for me to come out of my hiatus and get back in the saddle. I had backed out of rescue since my father's cancer diagnosis but have missed it, the dogs and the wonderful and somewhat quirky people I work with. We were transporting four dogs from Sioux Falls, South Dakota with new homes waiting in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

It is the most fun, rewarding experience to bring a dog to their new family. The adopters are so incredibly excited to finally meet the newest family member and it is such a joyful, up-lifting sight. I've met the most kind wonderful people. I've had complete strangers hug me with joy and a couple try to stuff a tip in my pocket. I always decline tips and my only request is to get a picture of the dog with their new family. I have a photo of every family I transported a dog to. I actually have pictures of every dog I have transported and everydog who stopped over at my home. Everyone of them is special to me, even if they only spent a few hours in the car or at the house with me. As far as tips, I encourage them to donate to the rescue. I always remember that someone transported my dogs many miles so I could bring them home. It's one small thing I can do to return the favor.

The adoptive family fron Minnesota drove to meet the rescuer from SD and pick up the newest member of their family. Then A and I took the other three with us. One little lady was so sweet  and calm we brought her in front with us. Her name is Delilah and first she rode on A's lap, then she rode on mine. She finally settled on A's coat between the front seats. Then we had the cute boys, Angus and Jimmy riding in the backseat. The two cuties just spooned and slept. They were all great riders. Once we crossed the Wisconsin border, we stopped so everyone could take a potty break.

This is Delilah riding between us.

Me and Jimmy

Me and Angus
We then headed on to meet the next rescuer near LaCrosse, WI. She was headed back to Madison, WI where two dogs would meet their adopters and another rescuer would pick up the third dog to deliver to its new home in Illinois. It is bittersweet to once again hand these sweet little bundles over to someone else, but I am satisfied tonight knowing they are sleeping in their forever homes. We drove over 400 miles today but got the most amazing puppy kisses and got to spend some much needed quality time together. When I got home there was a bonus too. While were were running across the southern part of the state, an adopter in the Twin Cities went to meet two dogs and decide which one they wanted to bring home. They couldn't decide so they adopted both. I think six adoptions in one day isn't too shabby!

There are such amazing people out there working; trying to make the lives of these dogs better. Some are a little unusual, some come across as bitchy or controlling but ultimately they have the animals' best interest at heart. I think some have become hardened and a bit callous from dealing with people who don't understand what they are trying to accomplish; those who expect them to just hand over a dog without checking anything out. I don't think I could deal with getting some of the hateful emails and phone calls from rejected adopters that I've heard about. I guess I enjoy the easy and fun part of rescue. My skin is just too thin!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Very Late Weekend Update

I'm old...too old to party with 24 year olds. It's taken me all this time to recover from my Saturday night. Ang tagged me to do a photo meme. I'll have to work on it this weekend. Then Sarcastic Bastard poked me; holy shit it has been a week since I posted!

Poor me, I had to work all day Friday since the ladies who regularly work had some virus that causes major puking for about 24 hours. Some people may consider it lucky to not get sick but I could really use a good stomach virus right now. A couple days home and a 10 pound weight loss. It could make up for all the junk I've been eating.

My weekend started Friday night  when A told me we had to be up early Saturday morning. She had a date planned for us. I was excited and hauled my lazy ass up at an un-godly hour for Saturday and we headed out to breakfast. I was slightly disappointed by her choice of restaurant but understood her reasons; it was quick and every place was packed.  Now here in Minnesota they have a restaurant called Old Country Buffet. I usually avoid the place because #1 the food isn't that great and #2 you have terrible gut-rot the rest of the day. The only good thing about going is it provides excellent people watching and this time it did not disappoint. I love watching people push and shove at each other to get to the omelet bar and how people stand around watching and waiting as more bacon is placed on the buffet. It really reminds me of the dogs at feeding time; watching every move the server makes and glaring out of the corner of their eye at the person standing next to them. I can almost hear the voice in their heads: "I was here first, bitch. Don't you dare try to shove in front of me!" If they growled and showed their teeth it would be perfect. Then there was the 20-something guy at the drink bar with his finger shoved up his nose to the first knuckle, the guy with scabs all over him, old people shoving food in their bags and of course the screaming children throwing tantrums and crawling on the floor.

Our next stop made me happy though. She had taken me to the flea market. It's fun to just walk around and check out all that stuff. One man's junk is another man's treasure, right? We cleaned them out of retro plastic santas. I bought A a plastic santa in his sleigh and the reindeer. She loved it and everything lit up once the bulbs were replaced. A was looking for a bulb for the 4 foot plastic santa she bought and all she could find around the house was a yellow bug light. We laughed so hard at cirrhosis of the liver santa. We have since replaced it with a regular light bulb.

After all our shopping we rushed home to get ready for the santa themed bachorlette party. At the flea market A bought one little extra to go with my outfit-a riding crop. Once I got dressed in that outfit, hair/makeup done, riding crop and in those heels, I thought A was going to attack me on the spot. If we didn't have someone waiting to give us a ride I think we would have been very late for the party. ;) I left the house in a long coat but the more I drank, the more open I became. It was a pretty average party until 35 Naughty Ms. Santas and 1 Naughty Elf  loaded the party bus to go bar hopping. The bus had a pole and the ladies made good use of it. I think some of them could have great careers if they wanted. A brought the bachlorette a special gift-an 18 inch double-headed dildo. He was quickly named "Dirty Harry" and spent the night on the dance floor and poking not only us ladies from the party but random people in the bar. If ever the bachlorette could not be found, just look for Dirty Harry waving in the air on the dance floor. At the end of the night, the guys showed up to take us ladies home. Dirty Harry ended up on the floor and had a piece of red tinsel stuck to him. The soon-to-be-groom retreived him for the bride-to-be. Unfortunately once they got home, sometime during the night (or morning) the dog got hold of Dirty Harry and chewed him up. May he R.I.P.

It is amazing how many guys approached me and wanted to be slapped with that riding crop!! At one bar I was on stage spanking the lead singer of the band and at another place I had some 21 year old kid pestering me to spank him. I finally had enough and smacked his ass so hard I imagine he had welts the next morning. I spent 5 hours dancing in heels until I could barely stand on my sore feet and we finally stumbled in the door sometime in the early morning. The next morning A had a massive hangover and I wasn't feeling the best either. I stuck to cocktails but she was mixing beer, liquor and doing shots too. I had to drag my pathetic ass out of bed agian to spend the day with my mother baking Christmas cookies.

Now I really debated if I should post any photos but I know I will be harrassed until I do. Disclamer: I do not typically dress or act this way.

My Naughty Elf-don't you love the shoes!

The Bachlorette on the pole-please note Dirty Harry.

Dirty Harry all dressed for the holiday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

To my extreme disappointment the inflatable decorations survived the blizzard conditions and high winds. Last night I looked out and the penguins were on their backs rollling around on the front lawn held down by 2 or 3 little stakes. The snowman looked like one of those clowns you punch and it always pops back up. I told A I just knew they were going to be gone when we got up this morning. I had convinced myself that one 50mph wind gust and they would be gone forever; found in the spring stuck in someone's tree.

This morning we pulled ourselves out of bed at 6am and found 8 inches of snow,  -20 degree windchill and those damn penguins were still there. They were even upright again. Well, it never hurts to have hope, right?

We had 3 foot snow drifts on our street so neither A or I went to work. We shoveled shitfields for the dogs and A made them paths all through the back yard. I don't know why she bothered because the little brats didn't want to go outside anyway. We just hung out, drank tea and took an afternoon nap. Not bad for a snow day. Back to reality tomorrow.

Monday, December 7, 2009

And Now Something For My Sweetie.

I can't believe I wasted all that time bitching about that idiot I used to know.

I want to put a positve spin on my day and I love this song. It makes me think of my sweetie and I can't help but smile. Damn, I'm getting soft in my old age. :)

I'm Going to Have to Change My Phone Number

I'll start from the beginning. Twelve years ago I dated this guy (Pete) for a short time. Actually, it was supposed to be convenient sex for me but whatever. Anyway, after a few weeks he tried to make it a "relationship" and started talking marriage and children. I was so outta there!! Honestly, I could not stand the idiot; we didn't have a single thing in common except great sexual chemistry. I tried to break it off and be civil-he didn't get it. I finally resorted to being rude and nasty-that just lead him to start stalking behavior. This continued on-and-off for years, even after I started dating A. It finally culminated with him drunk, cornering me in a parking lot and threatening me. He was trying to argue and wouldn't let me get in my car. I told him to call me when he was sober if he wanted to talk. He grabbed me and I punched him in the nose (see my dad's self-defense lessons paid off). He let go of me long enough I could get in my car. As I started it and tried to drive off, he jumped on the hood of my car. Honestly, I just floored it and I didn't care if I ran his stupid ass over! He rolled off the hood and fell in the parking lot; I just kept driving. After that he tried to call and apologize; I berated him and told him to fuck off and he finally backed off.

Fast forward to this summer. In July, my mom begged me and A to go to the county fair with her and my nephews. We ran into Pete there and he actually came over to talk to all of us. All I said to the man was hello; A and my mom did all the talking. Three weeks later, I pick up my phone and see I missed a call and have a new voicemail. I checked the number-it looked familiar but couldn't place it. I was just starting to check my voicemail and my phone rings again. I answer and it's Pete. Fuck me was all I could think. He was so drunk I could hardly understand a word he was saying. Basically what I could figure out was he had seen me at the fair and wanted to call and apologize. I told him it wasn't necessary but I appreciated it and then got off the phone as quickly as possible. The voicemail he had left was basically the same thing and I managed to record it off my phone onto my mp3 player. I may still upload it if possible. Boy, did A and I have a good laugh at that message!!

A week before Thanksgiving, I'm on my way home and my phone rings. I assumed it was A and answered. It was Pete again. This time he was sober and called to apologize again for his past behavior and for calling me when he was so drunk. He started talking about how he was trying to make changes in his life and really felt he needed to apologize. I accepted and told him I hope he can finally change himself and get some closure on the situation. We then had pleasant conversation, caught up on his/my family, what he's doing for work these days, etc. I wished him good luck and hung up.

This past Thursday my phone rings again and Pete is once again on the other end. This time he's been drinking and is talking like an idiot. He was talking about the past and I realized how much he had built up the relationship we had into some great love story. He then started making sexual comments and actually had the nerve to invite me to go on a weekend trip with him. I told him absolutely not and reminded him I was happily "married" to A. He then started commented on how he couldn't believe I was still with "that dyke" and mumbling some other things I'm probably glad I didn't understand. Now honestly, the vindictive bitch in me wanted to let him have it and insult a heterosexual man the one place it truly hurts-their manhood and sexual performance but the rational part of my brain won out this time. I thought if I start it he may start his stalking again so I just told him to never call me again and hung up on him. If he calls one more time, I'm changing my phone number. That really sucks too-I've had this number a long time.

One side note though. I received very little satisfaction from hanging up on him. I really miss the old days when you had the heavy phone receiver that you could slam down and the person on the other end got the loud clunk in the ear. Pushing the "end" button and the quick cut-off just doesn't do it for me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well my shame is great. A put up the inflatable Christmas decorations in our front yard.  Saturday we spent  the morning putting up the lights, tree and all the little decorations indoors and out. The final act was the inflatables. It was afternoon and I was still in my PJs and slippers. Our conversation went something like this:

A: Come out and help me with the snowman.
Me: What do you need help with?
A: Just come outside and help me.
Me: I don't see what you need help with. The entire damn thing fits in a shoebox. It's not heavy.
A: Just come out and help me. I need someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Zing! I guess it really does have to be my way or no way. I made a new rule for this household: A is not allowed to purchase or put up any outdoor decorations (no matter the season) without my prior consent.

My santa costume arrived in the mail Saturday also. I tried it on and I really doubt I will be able to wear it in public. It's so short that I feel like my ass is hanging out. A on the other hand thinks it's the greatest ever. I could see the perverse little wheels in her head turning. She muttered something about "Fuckmesanta, fuckmesanta, fuckmesanta..."

Finally, A sent me and everyone else who hates those inflatable Christamas decorations a message. Hope you get it!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

One Down, One To Go...

...then I'm free until Easter. Yesterday went better than I expected. My mother's boyfriend had his family came for dinner so things stayed somewhat subdued. My mother had medicated herself with brandy and A and I medicated ourselves with copious amounts of wine. Everything his tolerable with a buzz, right?

I saw A visibily shudder when my 9 year old nephew took my camera and started taking pictures of everything.  I remained calm (the wine may have helped) and just let him enjoy. He actually took some really nice photos of the family; he took most of the pictures of the day. It was fun to watch him figuring it out, enjoying everything and within a short time was asking about the manual controls. I'll save that for Christmas. At least I got a great idea for a Christmas present for him.

My mom and I-we definitely look buzzed.

A and I

Fighting over the last piece of pie...or maybe the last of the wine.

My mom and nephews clowning around.

At 4am this morning I stumbled half asleep, in my PJs and slippers, down the street to my brother's house with my pillow and blanket in tow. He and his wife wanted to hit "Black Friday" sales and had suckered me into coming to stay with my nephews . It was an easy gig. I just fell asleep on the couch with the dog. By 8:30am they came home and I got to stumble home in the same state. I'm such a sucker!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Thanksgiving

Pull out your fat pants-you know the pair you keep shoved in the back of the closet with the elastic waist-and load up your plates. We will all suffer the consequences tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3:15 AM

That's what time I woke up this morning. It was after midnight before I fell asleep. It's going to be a rough day since I'm the type of person who truly NEEDS 8 hours of sleep. I lay there in bed for almost an hour, tossing and turning, neck cramping and trying to fall back to sleep. When the dog asked to go out at 4 am, I said fuck it and just stayed up.

I'm feeling a little anxious and it can be a number of things. First my father started his chemotherapy and radiation yesterday; 6 weeks of constant chemo through a pump and daily radiation treatments. So far no problems but it has been less than 24 hours; too soon to tell what type of reaction he may have. For now he is able to drive himself to his appointments. I can't help but wonder how long that will last and I'll be taking more time off work.

Second, the holiday is coming fast which means the next 6 weeks will consist of arguing, crying, moodiness and total drama on every level. Not from me of course. It will be my mother but it stresses me out. The last few years I have avoided much of the headache by just avoiding the entire situation. With my father's cancer diagnosis suddenly this year everyone wants to play "family" so I guess I will play along. Not to mention I can barely stand Christmas being shoved down my throat everytime I leave the house, turn on the radio or TV. I love my quiet holiday at home with A, the rest can go to hell!!

My third source of anxiety is the fact that A reminded me yesterday that we have 2 months until we head to Jamaica. I should be excited. I used to love to travel. I've left the dogs with the pet-sitter before. Still it's stressful to me and I will worry and prepare for weeks before. I will have lists and notes everywhere. I will pack 20 minutes before leaving for the airport after having spent the previous 3 days preparing their food for a week. I'm a total nut and a bit of a control freak too.

I love this picture. It's our old man-he's 10 years old howling with excitment about going to bed. Sounds pretty good to me right now too. Have a great day all. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa showed up early this year.

A and I went shopping at the thrift store Saturday looking for items for our naughty santa outfits for the bachelorette party we're going to in a few weeks. No luck with that but I found an old sewing machine table that I fell in love with. I don't sew at all and would rather donate an item of clothing than replace a lost button but I thought it would make a great computer desk. (I know, I'm a 33 year old-old woman). Plus at $40 it was a steal. A snatched it up right away as an early Christmas gift for me. I put a dog bed underneath and one or more dogs sleep at my feet while I'm online. I love taking something old and giving it new purpose.

I finished putting up our new bookcases and entertainment system this weekend. We've been having a blast pulling our books out of storage boxes and filling those bookcases. We also discovered the ultimate brownie, PMS food and treatment for depression this weekend. I have to say Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge Brownies are the most wonderfully sinful things to ever touch my lips (sorry to my honey). They are orgasm inducing all on their own!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Got Busted

Tomorrow morning A has to go for some GI tests. It's nothing serious; just a routine check up but still a pain to deal with. Anyway she had to start her prep this afternoon and had to be on a clear liquid diet all day. This is a hard thing for her since she loves to eat and gets pretty grumpy when her blood sugar drops.

I came home from work tonight and she was starving but offered to cook dinner for me. I refused of course and could not even bring myself to eat in front of her. I sat and drank tea and ate jello with her while she ohhed and ahhed at every food commercial on TV. By 7:30pm my stomach couldn't take it anymore. We needed a few items from the grocery store, so on the way I went to the local convenience store and picked up 2 slices of pizza. I ate one piece in the car and stuffed the other piece in my purse to smuggle into the house. I came home and hauled the bags in and started putting things away.

In the living room I can hear A telling one of the dogs to "stop it". She came into the kitchen and asks, "Do you have some food in your purse? The dog is going crazy digging in there."  I ran into the living room, shooed the dog out of my purse and set it up out of reach. She eyed me suspiciously and asks what I have in there and I tell her "nothing". I immediately can't hold in my laughter and she starts laughing too. She knows me too well. After some major giggling I finally fessed up that I had a piece of pizza stashed in there. I was just trying to be considerate. That damn little dog got me busted!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Go Destra, Go!!!!

Destra (click here to follow a link to her blog) is over half-way to her goal of $405 to get her a special cart to help relieve the stress and pain from her damaged back legs. Her mom over at Rocket Ramble would really appreciate any help you could offer-even though she HATES to ask. Even a few dollars would help and also help save the life of a beautiful happy dog who already survived Hurricane Katrina. Her mom just wants to give her a happy life without pain. Please pass this along to anyone who may be interested. Thanks!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Comedy of Errors and I'm a Jackass!!

Today A and I decided to go shopping at Ikea. We've been talking since summer about purchasing some new furniture items for the living room. It's become a Christmas tradition that we both contribute to buy a larger item(s) for the house or plan a vacation then just buy each other a few smaller things to open on Christmas day.

We slept late and A made waffles for breakfast. Then she hurried me to get ready to go; mumbling about the weather and traffic and we had to get things done today. We hopped into the piece of shit truck, A turned the ignition and nothing but a click. The battery was dead. I said, "maybe we should wait and go another day". She insisted the truck did this a couple weeks ago and although the battery needs replaced, after she got it going last time it was fine the rest of the day. It's been sitting in the cold weather for over a week, blah, blah, blah. So I wait patiently while we jump the truck and finally get on the road. We have an uneventful drive and once parked at Ikea I suggest, "maybe we should just keep it running while we go inside". She reaches over and turns off the ignition saying it will be fine, just watch. She turns the key again to show me the piece of shit truck will start and it only clicks. Now I'm pissed! She insists we go get the items we came for and then we will deal with the truck.

We went into that packed store and I was furious! That means that I now have no patience for meandering idiots or unruly children or pain in the ass people in general. We load up two platform trucks with our purchases (with the help of the cutest little gay boys), check out and head to the loading zone. A swears she just knows the truck is going to start. Lucky for me it was a pleasant sunny day because I had to stand on that loading zone for a LONG time! I was right again and the truck would still not start. We had one lucky break when A was just ready to call for a tow truck a nice gentleman from Iowa stopped and offered to give us a jump start.

A pulls up to the loading zone and starts backing up. I'm trying to handle two heavy platform trucks that don't drive worth a damn and look up to see A backing over one of the loading zone signs. I let go of the cart I was driving and started yelling and waving at her to stop. I then directed her forward and to my relief those signs are spring loaded and the damn thing popped back up! I turn around to get my cart and the one I was pulling when A was running over the sign has run off the curb and tipped one of the boxes onto the parking lot. The corner of the box is ripped open and a piece of wood is broken/torn off the product inside. Holy shit!! What else can happen!!!!! A and I load the rest of the boxes and I head back into the store. I had to go wait in the return isle and a nice lady went and got a new box to replace the damaged one. We loaded up and headed home.

Now to share my jackass moment. A and I have been discussing being more open and affectionate in public. She is open to it even though she has said it will take some adjustment for her. We were walking through the store today and she reached over and took my hand. I was so furious at that moment that I pulled my hand away and told her, "I'm so angry at you right now, I don't want to hold your hand!" 10 minutes later I felt like total shit. She took the initiative, stepped out of her comfort zone and I was a complete and total jackass to her.

On the way home I apologized for my bad behavior and she admited she didn't give a shit about running over that sign because she was imagining it to be me. She apologized for not listening when I suggested we leave the truck running. Within a short time we were laughing about all the things that went wrong on our trip and she said the next time I insist we postpone something, she will listen. I can't help but still feel terrible for not holding her hand. So what should my punishment be?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lazy Saturday

It's Saturday night and I'm home blogging. How sad is my life! Actually, I really enjoy these nights at home. It has been an all out lazy day.

I pulled my lazy ass out of bed this morning in just enough time to shower and make it to my haircut appointment. Too bad I woke up with a monster zit on my chin. A took one look at it this morning and blamed it on my father. "It's a stress zit" she told me. No matter, I want it gone. It's a beast!

My new "T" key arrived in the mail yesterday; snapped it on my computer keyboard and I can happily type now. I tried to switch it out with the "Z" key like Jude suggested but it wasn't working for me and I was afraid of causing more damage. After Christmas I'm buying a new computer. I think I'm leaning toward making the switch to a Mac.

I received a call from work asking if I wanted to fill in tonight. I saw the number in caller ID and didn't pick up. I deleted the voicemail. I should have went in...but fuck it, I wasn't in the mood!

A dropped my camera bag on the floor today while in a frenzy of cleaning. Lucky for her the case took the brunt of the fall; camera and lenses checked out okay. Whew!! That could have led to divorce.

We received an application from a potiental adopter for our foster dog. It sounded promising until I read they don't have a fenced yard. Our rescue doesn't require a fenced yard but we have to evaluate the needs of each dog. We have failed miserably trying to train this dog to walk on a leash. We've trained many over the years but this guy is the most stubborn. We've tried every trick. We will just keep trying and hopefully be able to match him with an appropriate adopter.

Finally we received an invitation to a bachorlette party in mid-December. They want us to dress in our most naughty or nice santa outfit. Right away A suggested I dress as naughty Mrs. Claus and she as a elf. She wants me to put a collar and leash on her and carry a whip. Sounds like some fucked up Christmas fantasy to me!

I just popped a bottle of champange and Tim (one of my dogs) comes running. He wants the cork. He doesn't chew on it; just wants to carry it away to his bed and protect it from the other dogs. What a freak! I seem to be surrounded by them!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Making a Change

Tonight I started my conversation with A by asking her a simple question. "How would you feel about being more open and affectionate in public?" She just looked at me a little suspiciously and asked what did I mean.

A few weeks ago Jude wrote a lovely post about her promise to do more hand holding with her wife. Then Rocket wrote a post about a memory from her youth when she observed prejudice against an interracial couple who dared to hold hands in pubic. It made me think about how much of a difference it could make if all gay/lesbian couples in this country started to just hold hands while out in public. I think it would be an eye-opener to a lot of heterosexuals to see just how many of us there are.

Our family and friends all know that we are together. We don't hide our relationship but have really strived to remain "low-key". A and I are from different generations and unfortuately she has felt pressured though the years to try to live her life below the radar. She has talked about being harassed outside the gay bars and having people drive by and throw things at her and her friends. During her last relationship, her gf wasn't out; she was a teacher and always pressured A to stay in the closet. It's a hard "habit" to break. I have to admit that just a few years ago I too felt the need to keep our relationship private.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I want the right to marry the person I choose then I should not feel I have to hide anything. I should be living my life openly and proudly. I should not hide this wonderful love we have for each other.  I'm making a promise to myself to be more open. I'm going to hold the hand of the woman I love when I feel like it and if that's in Target, the grocery store or the mall then that's what I'll do. I'm sure it will be awkward at first for both of us, but I believe our time has come. Wish us luck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Weekend Update

My weekend was a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly; not necessarily in that order.

Friday is usually my day. I have the house to myself, sleep in, hang out with the dogs and basically just do what I want. I really NEED that time. It makes me a better, more pleasant person. I know how spoiled I am to only work four days a week and I am thankful I have that option.

This Friday I had to spend the day with my father and doctors; doctors who have different opinions and keep changing their minds about treatment. My father was behaving in his normal obnoxious manner but I was not in any state of mind to deal with him; my patience has worn thin. I wish I could describe his behavior in a way others could truly comprehend what I'm dealing with but honestly there are no words. You would have to experience him yourself.

Saturday I would have done nearly anything to stay in bed and avoid an entire day of continuing education. As if giving up my Saturday wasn't bad enough, I had to get up extra early and put up with the bitches from work all day! The actual classes were fine but it's these women's constant complaining and criticism and droning on about teething, car seats and how much the men in their life don't live up to their expectations. By lunch I found a way to accidently-on-purpose get separated from them. Yeah, a peaceful lunch to myself!

I came home Saturday night in a sad state. A just watched me as I went through the normal motions around the house. She always knows my mood but doesn't pressure me to talk. She knows I will start when I'm ready. After a few hours to gather my thoughts, I cuddled up on the couch beside her and just let it out. I cried and talked and then cried some more. She hates to see me cry and always wants to fix everything but what I really needed was to just let it out. I'm considering taking a family medical leave at work since my immediate supervisor is acting like an ass about the time I've been taking off work to deal with my father's illness. I want to continue working but if she's not willing to work with me, then I will just have to take the time off. When I started talking to her about 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments and chemotherapy she immediately started telling me that there was no way my family should expect me to take all that time off and my siblings need to step up. That's when she started crossing the line but she jumped over it when she had the nerve to tell me to try to schedule my father's colon removal surgery for a day when my boss is out of the office. Seriously, talk about tacky!! Everyone else in the office understands but this woman has no empathy. The fact is that the majority of us will one day be in the position where we will need to take care of a spouse or family member. I hope I'm around when it's her turn!

Sunday I finally got to sleep in, we did some cuddling, had some hot sex and did some shopping. As you can imagine, I was feeling more like my normal self. It was a sunny beautiful day and an unusually warm 70 degrees on Minnesota. We had to go grocery shopping and at the store A found these tiny bananas.

Just a picture to try to give a little perspective. I have small hands. My ring is a size 4.5 and I always wear small gloves.

Finally I want to share with you how difficult it was to type this post. When I came home Saturday, A informed me the "T" key had come off the keyboard.

When I asked what happened I got the answer she was just typing and it popped off. She had the key laying beside the computer and I asked if all the pieces were there. "Oh yeah, everything is there". I tried to replace it but no luck. I went online and found a how-to video. Now I knew I didn't have all the pieces. She still swears all the pieces are there that came off. I took off another key and showed her 2 pieces were missing. Well the final conclussion is that some how in this house those pieces magically disappeared. So I ordered a new key and it will be here later this week. It is an inexpensive thing to fix but I never realized how many words use the letter "T".