Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Propositions and Roadtrip Adventures

Last weekend was our wildest party of the far. Our friends were married in Jamaica in January and just had their hometown reception. The party was at the groom's brother's house on the family farm. They had a huge tent, kick ass DJ, 7 kegs of beer, a whole lot of liquor plus A and I brought a cooler. In fact we drove the winnebago so we would have a place to crash. We can't go anywhere without causing a stir and that night was no exception when A and I were seated at one of the reserved family tables with the grandmother, mother and step-father of the bride (our best couple friend). The bride's aunts were in the general seating and they were pissed about it. When we tried to decline, saying we shouldn't sit here since we're not family, it was said clearly and bluntly that the bride had chosen us to sit there, we are their family and if anyone says otherwise, they can fuck off. I guess we've been adopted. When A caught the aunts bitching and pointing at us, she smiled smugly and gave them a little wave over her shoulder. God, I love that woman!!

Now A and I have been together openly for over 10 years and you would think that most of these small town idiots would have their gossiping over by now but we sure had tongues wagging that night just because we slow danced together; no grinding, no making out on the dance floor, just a simple slow dance like every hetero couple there. Heads were turning, people were pointing and I think pictures were actually taken...OMG we brought a little of the real world into their small town! Not that long ago things like that would have bothered us but now we both revel in seeing the reactions, making eye contact with the staring gossipers and watching them drop their gaze when they've been busted.

Otherwise we danced and drank most of the night all while avoiding a married couple who spent all evening stalking us. Several years ago, one of the groom's brothers (not the host of the party) and his wife propositioned us to come home with them after bar closing. More like the wife backed A up against the bathroom wall while the husband leered at me across the table muttering sexual comments and insisting we come over to "hot-tub" and have "some fun". Ewwwwww! If I were so inclined, it would definitely not be these two. As soon as we arrived at the reception, they zeroed in on us. A got felt up by the wife outside the tent when she tried to go to the bathroom and the husband sat at the edge of the dance floor leering and every time I walked anywhere near him, he would try to slap or kick at me like a 12 year old boy. Really?! Later another brother-in-laws came over and asked if A and I were in a relationship with each other. When I confirmed, he then asked if we could kiss so he could take a picture. I declined telling him we were not there for a show and I'm sure he has seen women kiss before. He wouldn't let up and finally I just grabbed A and laid a big passionate kiss on her while he stood there with his mouth gaping (I made sure he didn't have his camera ready). Then I leaned over and told him, "Now shut the fuck up and leave us alone!".

There was a special guest...Dirty Harry ended up in the flower arrangement still covered in sand.
And he joined us on the dance floor too. He was passed around and then mysteriously disappeared. I'm afraid of where he may show up next.

In the morning we drove home in our PJs, finished packing the RV and loaded up the crew. We headed down into Iowa, excitment capitol of the U.S. Just flatness and cornfields but then again I can't be too hard on them considering they actually legalized same-sex marrage. A wanted to go visit the town where she spent so many of her childhood summers. We had a great campsite on the river with ducks and geese hanging around, visited her uncle and cousins, cruised town on our bikes, had fires and hung out together. Just quiet times and reconnecting.

Our home away from home.
Tim and Orv took their turns driving.
In Iowa they have a restaurant called the "Freakin' Chickin'". We stopped to get this picture for Ms. Moon although I must say that Elvis is a much better looking rooster.
And interesting gas stations.

About an hour into our drive home we had a blow-out of one of the rear tires. Actually, a cable broke and sheared off about a 3 foot section of tread along with our exhaust pipes. Thankfully the tire stayed inflated and at 65 mph, A managed to keep control and get us stopped safely. If it would have truly blown out we could have been in a really bad situation. We limped off at the next exit and pulled under the over-pass; the only shade on this 90 degree day. While A called AAA, I unloaded the crew since it was too hot in the RV. I have to say that I'm proud of the way A and I work together; neither one of us freak out-we just go into problem solving mode.

Once we had everything under control, A and I started to realize just how bad things could have been. While we were waiting for the tow truck, she just said, "Babe, when I went to get my phone, this cigarette rolled out. It's a sign, I'm supposed to have it." So she did and for once I didn't object. If I had ever smoked I would have joined her.

Once the tire was off, we could see the extent of the damage.

The tow truck driver changed our tire and then informed us that our spare was not going to get us home. At least there was a tire and auto repair only a 1/2 mile away. We limped over and pulled in. The guy comes out, looks at our old tire and tells us he doesn't have that tire in stock. By now I must admit I'm not feeling so calm anymore. It's 90 degrees, we are 3 hours from home and I have 6 temperature sensitve dogs. So I ask what are our options? He goes into the storeroom and after a very long time comes out with a tire. He just looked at us and said, "You gals are just plain lucky today!" He tells us its a rare and unusual size and he's even shocked he had one. I have to admit that despite the nearly $200 that tire cost us, I'm feeling damn lucky too.

So much going on and so little time at home. I've been a bad blogger; stopping by but not commenting much. This month has been a blur and A and I are looking forward to finally relaxing at home the next few weeks. Saturday was the final wedding I had to attend this summer. I can't help but feel guilty for sneaking out at 9pm. It was the wedding of a longtime friend and they are a really fun couple but I just wasn't feeling it. I've partied, drank and danced until I have nothing left. Maybe I can blame it on atmospheric disturbances. Afterall, we've spent the last 2 nights in the basement waiting out tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms that gave the most incredible lightening shows and thunder crashing that shook the entire house.  In fact Saturday night I drove my ass right into tornado warnings, heavy rain and lightening strikes all around just to get home...I know, I know, but the pups were home alone and I really didn't realize how bad it was until I was in the middle of it all. Damn Twin Cities radio stations seem to consider it more important to keep the Saturday night dance mix going than update people on the weather situation.

In all actuality, my mood had more to do with A and I having our own atmospheric disturbance. We've known about this wedding for months and that she was going to be on-call this weekend. Usually that is no problem and sometimes she has to go in for an hour or two, but most things can be handled over the phone. Friday afternoon I was talking to her on the phone as I was driving home and she receives a call from her boss. They are short staffed Saturday evening and she has to go in and work 2-10pm. Seriously?!! I admit I was mad....more like I was fucking nuclear pissed. But I also knew it was out of her hands so instead of ranting and raving about it, I was silent. Whenever she talked about it, I said nothing. We went to a graduation party, she apologized more and I clenched my jaw. I woke up Saturday morning in a funk with a headache and a knot under my shoulder blade...I know better than to sleep angry. That funky mood turns into bickering, then me crying and her making the comment as she was leaving, "sorry I disappointed you." Now that statement sent me straight into rage because now I'm the bitch for being upset. I finally pulled my shit together enough to get to the wedding and reception and had an enjoyable time but my world just isn't right when we are not right with each other. As I drove home through the storm, I finally found a radio station with some news and heard a tornado was on the ground and heading in the direction of  the town where A was working. All I could do was kick myself for acting so childish and pray to the universe that she and our pups at home would be safe. It all turned out okay and when she arrived home much later, she found me, 6 dogs and 2 cats in the bed downstairs chillin' by candlelight and waiting for power to come back on.

I think we've both been pretty lucky lately.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's that time of year...

...and even though we are unable to attend this year, Giz still got all dressed up for the occasion.
Happy Twin Cities Pride.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taking Cover

Tornado sirens went off just a short time ago. I'm hanging in the basement bedroom with 6 dogs and 2 cats. I grabbed the necessities like my purse, camera, computer, and  back-up. A is outside on the deck watching the sky. Every storm she helps me herd the crew into the basement, makes sure I have a flashlight and radio then she leaves me to pace around the outside of the house, check the barometer, and listen to the storm passing overhead. We've been under a weather watch all day and A is on high alert; logging on to watch the radar and tapping the barometer to check the pressure then muttering "It's dropping, babe. Some thing's coming." Sad thing is that if we were hit, the house would probably cave in on me and she wouldn't be touched. :)

Last weekend was the first of the three weddings we are attending this month. This was the wedding for one of the doctors I work with. We've had a lot of fun at his expense the the last few months. We threw him a "bridal" shower and made him wear a tiara and veil throughout his party. He was a good sport and sat there proudly opening his gifts.

The wedding was short and sweet; only 30 minutes from the entrance to the exit and afterward A leaned over to whisper "Bless the Lutherans-they know how to have a wedding." Then it was off to the reception for drinks, dinner and dancing.

    I was promised 3 pieces of cake and I collected. :)
Really, really drunk.
We had the big boss man holding all our purses.
Our other boss man is so quiet and reserved in the office. Get some alcohol into him and he becomes a drunkin' frat boy and loves to dance and party with us gals. We look forward to the 2-3 times a year we get to see him let his hair down.

Well I'm happy to report we are safe and the worst of the storms have passed us by. I'm hoping everyone was as lucky as we were. Now I'm off to finish evening chores and prepare for another balls-to-the-wall Friday. Happy Friday everyone!

"We could be sitting in a tent..."

A has a bad tension headache. We relaxed in the afternoon sun, I tried to massage her neck and head and we went out for a bike ride to get a little exercise. I finally sent her to bed with 1/2 a Percocet and several orgasms. Hopefully she will be better in the morning.
Now a little update from around our way. The first weekend in June when we took the RV on our maiden voyage. We were going to a small campground just over 60 miles from home. The weatherman was calling for 30% chance of scattered showers and when we left the house it was sunny and pleasant. No problem. Seven dog and two crazy women on board. Just an overnight to get a feel for the old buggy.

Since we were driving through the town where A's ex lives it was insisted we stop by so they could check out the RV. Just as we were leaving their house it started to sprinkle rain then as we headed east, raining a little heavier. Robyn decided at this moment all the excitement had caught up with her and she needed to poo. No problem, I'm prepared for it. She uses her potty pad and I yell to A to check her mirrors for cars behind us. All clear so poo out the window making sure it clears the side of the vehicle. Hey, squirrels, raccoons, birds and bear shit everywhere-what's a little dog added to the mix. I just didn't want it bouncing off some one's windshield.

We finally arrive and find a note on the office door to just go find a campsite and they will come around to register us later.  We are familiar with the place since we camped here many years ago when we had come down the river by canoe. The rain has stopped.  The critters and I are restless. I just want to pick a spot and get the crew out. A decides we need to drive around the entire place and nearly got us stuck in a mud hole the size of a small pond. A RV is not meant for that kind of shaking! A little bickering but a nice level spot picked and we quickly set up camp-just plug in. Hey this RV thing is easy!

We set up a huge exercise pen for the dogs  and hand them out one-by-one and take a look at the sky as it turns gray and starts to sprinkle again. Maybe we should unroll the awning for shelter. We've only done this once; the guy we bought the RV from walked us through it but that's been months ago. On one side the support bracket is stuck and it won't budge. A starts trying to pry it but then I'm paranoid that we may break something and then won't be able to roll it back up. We decide to fight with it at home in the driveway (and when we came home it opened with no problem). The rain is coming down heavier so it's the one-by-one hand-off of dogs back into the RV and the rain hits hard. A says, "Hey, we could be in a tent".

So what does a person do when stuck in a RV during a downpour with seven dogs...drink of course! Actually we ended up having a great afternoon. We just put on the music, poured our drinks, chatted about everything under the sun, played cards, arm wrestled. We ate lunch and then since it was still raining, our campfire chili was cooked inside on the stove.
The dogs love the fact they can jump up and sit at the table.
Goes down too easy...just like lemonade.
That evening the rain finally stopped and we were able to build a fire and hang outside for awhile. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no mosquitoes.
The one thing about travelling with my crew is fact that they draw attention everywhere we go. Later that night when the owner of the campground stopped by, he had already heard about "the two gals in the Winnie with all the dogs". I really just like it when we're alone but when you have have this many dogs, people are stopping and driving by all the time. It's something I have to get used to.                                    
This weekend, we're trying it again and taking four days to head south. A and I are going to her mother's hometown and the place where she spent many of her childhood summers.  The plan: just relax and go where the wind blows.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's all a blur.

Busy, busy, busy....rain, rain, rain, no sun.
Camping, weddings, work, dancing, singing and too much alcohol.
Does someone want to donate half a liver?

There are just not enough hours in my day-week-month and it's flying by so fast.
My mom is moving to South Dakota to be closer to my brother and his family.
I knew it was coming just didn't expect it to be so last minute.
She decided last Wedensday, called me Saturday night to tell me she is moving this Friday, just 6 days before leaving. Can I help?

Yesterday we were finally home and trying to cram 2 weeks of house chores into one day. There is much more to be done outdoors but the rain made us focus inside only. I can't remember the last time I did so much laundry in one day.

In the midst of all of it my dad is calling. His friend is working on an old building and do I want some of the old brick to use for landscaping. Yes, but he expects us to drop everything and come at that moment.

I'm not bitching....just venting. I'll be back to write it all down in detail. Then more adventures to follow next week. For now I'm going to get ready to start another work week. Pink Floyd's "Time" is playing in my head.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling Lucky

I really HATE clothes shopping. Unfortunately I have 3 weddings over the next 3 weekends and that means I had to go shopping for clothes. To reward myself for suffering through the ordeal, I always stop by to check out and often fondle the shoes and purses. Whenever A loses me in a store, she always looks in those two places first.

Today I was more lucky than I have ever been. The first store I stopped in I stumbled across a cute shirt and blouse. Perfect fit and on sale! Then a cute summery dress. Ring up a sale.

Okay, clothes shopping complete so off to check out shoes and that's when I really hit the jackpot. I had admired these heels before but didn't submit to buying then at the $70 pricetag. Today they were on clearance for $6.99! There was only one pair left and they were my size 8--perfect. It was meant to be. An unexpected bonus: watching A's eyes glaze over when I put these black patent heels on. ;)

I'm feeling so lucky I think I'll buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.

**On a side note: I insisted A try on the shoes. Now that was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. She walks just like a gunslinger when she's in heels. *giggling* I couldn't help but think of Yosemite Sam. :) You know, she really is a saint for putting up with me most days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blissing and Reminiscing

Today I spent most of my morning in a blissfully, dazed state. My poor patients and coworkers. I bet they thought what the hell was wrong with me when I was unable to comprehend the most simple facts. I suppose I can thank my sweetie...she has that effect on me. Well her and many, many orgasms. All I can say is WOW! So why was I never told how fabulous sex gets the older I get? I've never been multi-orgasmic until just the last few years. One day I was suddenly multi-explosive. Now don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining but I can't help but wonder sometimes-what changed?

Some people have told me it's just my age. The old line about women reaching their sexual peak in their 30's. Others have said it's just part of maturity; feeling more comfortable and confident with my sexuality. Maybe those theories are partially accurate, but I can't ignore the incredible mental and emotional connection I now have with A. It can't be a coincidence that things changed around the same time A and I went through a major change in our relationship.

We had already been together for quite a few years and as so often happens, we were going in different directions and being consumed by other things. First I was finishing school and she was working like a fiend, then she went back to school to further her education and after graduation it just became work, work, and more work as we were getting into our careers. We had been reduced to roommates and there was a major lack of intimacy...and I'm just not talking about sex. There was little to no cuddling, hand-holding, kissing or intimate conversation. We still went and did things together but we were more like friends than much else. I'm thankful for that friendship though because we truly respect and enjoy each other's company and that was the tie that held us together through that time. Neither one considered leaving or looking elsewhere. We were just stuck in a relationship rut, so much so that we actually went on a fabulous beach vacation for a week and never had sex once! What a waste of hotel time!!

One evening we just looked at each other and I was suddenly so overcome with loneliness for her that I blurted out "I miss you". Isn't it funny how you can live in the same house and sleep in the same bed and still be lonely for each other. That's when the floodgates opened and we talked like we had not talked in years and promised each other that we would improve our situation.  Somehow just getting it all out on the table helped and we found our way back. We put each other and our relationship ahead of everything else. I've always loved A, that I have no doubt about, but the last several years it has grown into something stronger and deeper. It's a feeling that's hard to describe and maybe there are no words...maybe you just have to feel it yourself to truly understand. All I can think of is just the pure joy and satisfaction and all consuming love I feel with her.

So that's my sappy post this day and my little walk down memory lane. It's good to remember times like this though to keep it all in perspective. I don't want things to ever slip away again.

Now this Saturday we are off on our first RV adventure. Just a couple days and an overnight at a campground about 1.5 hours from our home. It will be our maiden voyage and we don't have much planned; just hanging by the fire, riding on the bike trail and getting the dogs accustomed to the whole ordeal. Saturday will be a bitter-sweet day when my little foster, Jazzy, goes to her new home. We will be driving through her new hometown and dropping her off before continuing on our little trek with only the 6 chins. She going to a fabulous home and I couldn't ask for a better situation for her. I know by letting her go I will be able to foster another but what my head says and my heart feels are two totally different things. All I can say is happy trails to us all!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a big change.

Our foster Jazzy has been with us for just less than 6 weeks. When she arrived she was a sad looking little girl. I doubted she would be able to find a home in her condition. I guess she wanted to prove us all wrong.
   Check out how my ugly duckling is blooming.

She has an adoption application pending and it better go through soon since I'm falling fast. She is such a sweet love with a funny personality. If only I could add her to my pack....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Note to Self

Be sure to pick up eye makeup remover this week. When that eyeliner and mascera says "waterproof" it means it. I look like Marilyn Manson over here!!