Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Weekend

It was an eventful but productive weekend filled with unexpected additions, great fun, food and friends.
I started Friday by picking up a dog that the breeder was surrendering to rescue since she had too many. It was a short drive for once, only 20 minutes away from my house. I arrived at her home and it was an education. Although I have been involved in rescue for a few years already, my transports have always been dogs that were already in the system and were travelling between foster homes or on their way to their adopters. It was my first visit into a breeding operation.
She invited me into her home, which looked like any average home around here. I could hear many dogs barking, but didn't see any. It smelled "doggy" but not dirty like urine or feces. I'm standing in this woman's kitchen talking to her and she opens a door to reveal a room full of dog kennels-like something you would see in a boarding kennel or vet office; maybe 20 of them all with a dog inside an approximately 4x4 foot enclosure.
Her animals seem well cared for and she cried when I left with the dog, but I had to bite my tongue. I had to be sympathetic to her because I didn't want to alienate her in case she needs to "get rid" of more breeding stock in the future. Ultimately my true sympathy lies with the dogs living in kennels with their only purpose to breed and supply puppies while millions die in shelters every year. I can't help but feel some amount of guilt for not speaking for them; for smiling politely, taking the one dog and driving away.
The dog was terrified on the drive to my home, but within 12 hours his personality was starting to show. When A came home from work, she immediately started lovin' him and I had the brilliant idea of keeping him as a foster- of course I let her believe it was her idea and 48 hours later he has emerged as a friendly, lovable dog.
Saturday was a more happy and positive adventure when A and I loaded up our crew of misfits (4 of them) and drove 2 hours for a reunion/party for our rescue. What a wild time it was with 32 people and 95 dogs! One lady hosted it at her home in her large fenced yard. I finally got to meet so many people that I have only corresponded with through email and put faces with the names. Even though many of us had only just met, we felt like old friends united in the love of the animals. Our conversations picked up just where we left off online and we joked and teased each other like we get together every weekend.
I was the silent auction coordinator (although I have never done anything like that before) and have been working for more than 2 months to get it all together. I was nervous about handling such an important fundraiser. I'm happy to report it was a great success and we raised more than $1500 for our rescue plus more than $100 cash for the local shelter in addition to donations of cleaning supplies/blankets/food, etc. I was blown away by the generosity of these people.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do they have this brand at your local supermarket?

My Sweetie comes into the living room last evening.

A: "Hun, I've got breakfast for you in the freezer. Don't forget in the morning."

Me: "What did you get?"

She goes back in the kitchen and returns with my Thursday morning breakfast.

I think I almost wet myself laughing. Thanks to Jess at for coining this phrase and the great laugh. Check out her blog-it's great!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sometimes the Best Response is A Simple "Thank You!"

Yesterday A and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. I know, September 11th as an anniversary is not the most cheerful time. For many years we celebrated the 12th, but this year we decided to reclaim the day and try to find something positive in it.

We are going away for a long weekend in a couple weeks; a private cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. We agreed no presents, but A pulled out a letter she had written me. The crazy thing is I wrote her a letter also. That's not something we would normally do, but we both did it without the other knowing. One year on Valentine's Day we actually bought each other the same card. We are disgustingly in sync.

A had made reservations at a upscale steak and seafood restaurant. We had never eaten there before, but had heard how great it was. We arrived for dinner and she had pre-ordered a bouquet of roses and they were waiting on our table. We had a wonderful dinner; great wine, great food, great conversation and much flirting. Our waitress had asked what we were celebrating and offered her congratulations. Another waitress who came to pack up our leftovers offered her congrats also and then told us she had just celebrated her 26th anniversary with her partner. They brought us a complementary Celebration cake too. I will NEVER complain about cake!

As we were leaving, I walked ahead of A carrying my flowers and a man at the next table raised his wine glass to me as I passed and called out enthusiastically "Happy Birthday!" Now there's a time to correct someone's assumptions, but he was so sincere that I just smiled and said "Thank You". A and I laughed all the way home.

Awww straight people, they sure make me smile!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had a rough week-just one headache after another. I seem to go through cycles and it's frustrating trying to work and stay focused when your eyes feel like they are popping out of your head.

My dogs scared the shit out of me last night. I heard them barking in the back yard and it was not the normal I'm barking at the neighbor, come pet me. It was hectic and shrieking. I run to my back door to see my 13 pound retired mama with 3 teeth nose-to-nose with a full sized Collie! She was jumping and ready to fight. Plus my 2-14 pound boys are running to join in the battle. The collie had got through the gate and into our yard. I start screaming for A and take off running to put myself between my babies and this unknown dog. Now I don't believe in breed bans and I know the majority of large dogs are fine, but it's just a safety thing to never allow your small dog to be unsupervised with a large dog, especially one you don't know. Things happen in an instant. Turns out the collie was just lost and whimpering. We helped her find her way home.

Tomorrow I have to finish putting together silent auction items for the rescue I work with. I volunteered to be the auction coordinator for our event this month. I also found out I'm getting another temporary foster dog in a few days. The house will be chaotic for awhile. He's a 6 year old, unaltered male. That means he will probably want to mark his territory and will have to wear a belly band. The owner posted the dog on Craig's List (which I absolutely hate) but decided to surrender the dog to rescue instead. I spoke to the woman tonight trying to set up a pick up, but she sounds really unsure. She got really freaky when I mentioned coming to her house to pick up the dog, so I had to agree to meet some place else. Sounds like she may be a hoarder. Those people mean well, but they become too overwhelmed with the number of animals they have and end up neglecting them. I hope she doesn't back out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday I woke up in a strange position...

Saturday A and I were invited to her ex's home again. Mimi (the ex) and her wife, ChiChi wanted to have a BBQ, drinks and visit with another mutual friend. Now I must make a side note that ChiChi would beat me if she knew I called her by that name-it would insult her butchness, but I will move on and have a chuckle at her expense.

It was a great evening; good food, good conversation, reminiscing about old times, and lots of laughs. A and ChiChi were enjoying their beers while Mimi and I tried Ice Tea Vodka mixed with lemonade. It was great and I highly recommend it but I'm not a big drinker and by midnight I was spinning. We live 45 minutes away so we had to stay overnight. ChiChi set us up in their daughter's room and gave us each a pair of her PJ's, toothbrushes and water. So here A and I are, laying in her ex's bed, at her ex's house, in the new wife's PJs, across the hall from their bedroom. Let's just say it all felt a bit strange, especially in my altered state. Not to mention A was feeling frisky.

Sunday morning arrives and A and I wake up to Mimi knocking on the door. She comes in wearing her nightgown and parks herself on the foot of the bed and starts gabbing to us. A and I were laying there with hazy eyes and the quilt pulled up to our chins. She leaves so we can get dressed and come down for breakfast. A turns to me and says "Did you have a sense of deja'vu?"
Oh, yes it was deja'vu but the last time was much more awkward and just plain ugly! Ten years ago, almost to the day, Mimi had used A's spare key to let herself in A's apartment to "catch us in the act". She found us in the bed alright but thankfully we weren't in the act. No matter though, it was an ugly scene that included screaming, breaking dishes and lots of hard feelings.

We had breakfast, thanked them for their hospitality, and went home. By the way, for those wondering we did not complete the act in their house. I had the spins and my stomach would not allow any lovin'. Damn it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

What a great way to wake up...
Somewhere around 5am I was having the most pleasant dream; kissing, stroking, whispering. Then in my foggy state I realized I wasn't dreaming and my sweet A had come to tell me goodbye before leaving for work. I LOVELOVELOVE these mornings! Now I will spend the rest of my day wanting, aching and needing...I guess she has the right idea though, I can't think of anything but her!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anniversary and New Beginnings

What a chilly morning for September 1st. It was 48 degrees this morning and I actually had to turn on heat in the car on my drive to work. Please, please, PLEASE let it be a long fall.

Actually, I'm more surprised that it is actually September already. It seems A and I have been on the go non-stop this summer. Fall means we celebrate our 10th anniversary but strangely enough we will be celebrating in the company of A's ex. We chose an actual anniversary date but we really celebrate August through September-all the little milestones of us coming together. After all, how do you decide what day to pick; is it your first date, first kiss, or first sex?

Ten years ago A and her ex had been split for over a year after a 16 year relationship. I was friendly with both of them and we had all been out several times for drinks/dinner. Then A and I had a shift in our relationship and suddenly the ex decided they were back together, A was cheating, and I was the "bitch" and "whore" who came between them. What a mess! So they broke all ties (on a very sour note) and A and I moved on with our life together. Since then we have only heard on occasion what the ex was doing...and mainly how much she still hated A. Suddenly this summer the ex contacted A and invited us to her home for dinner and to meet her wife and their children. I am immediately cautious (my honey calls me suspicious ), A is uncomfortable and we debate for nearly a week before be agree to accept the invitation. So we show up at the agreed time and had the uncomfortable first introductions and the 4 of us sat around the table sizing each other up. Thankfully there were other mutual friends and alcohol to help thaw the ice. Some way it all worked itself out (thanks to the wisdom of the ex's wife and I and our enlightening conversation about our significant others) and everyone is finally getting the closure they need. I am so happy for A to have finally reached this point of forgiveness; she took a lot of the blame, lost friends, and accepted the label as a the bad person. Since then we have been chatting and getting together on a regular basis.

A and I have a trip planned later in September as our private anniversary celebration. We are heading to a cabin on the lake in the north woods for an extended weekend. I can't wait for the privacy, great fall colors, ATV riding on the trails and listening to the loons on the lake every evening. Plus the cool weather is excellent for campfires and cuddling. Yippee!