Monday, January 3, 2011

I finally exited the cave...and a late holiday update

Today I made my first public appearance of 2011. I crawled out, squinted at that ball of light in the hazy sky that used to be the sun and prepared to re-enter the world after I spent a three day weekend holed up in this house in my PJs. Okay, okay, I did venture outside a few times and did go out walking with A, but I don't consider it a public appearance when I'm dressed like this and completely unrecognizable.

It was so damn cold and windy that we didn't meet up with one other living creature anyway.

I am a night person and these last few weeks I've easily slipped back into my night owl ways. I get the most accomplished during the evening and night...and do even better with an afternoon nap thrown in. So after a 3am bedtime, I dragged my sorry (and bloated) ass out of bed this morning to go to the chiropractor. That's the one thing I do every month that I love and I feel so much better afterward. I was especially looking forward to today's appointment since for the last 2 weeks it's felt like a knife was shoved under my right shoulder blade. A would massage the area and it would release then knot back up after a few days. I'm starting to think I may be the victim of a voodoo curse. I'll definitely be making several trips to get this one fixed.

A has been busy cooking out of her "Pioneer Woman" cookbook that she received for Christmas. Sorry SB, but she had it on her list. She did want me to share this picture with you though.
Disclaimer: The Finger is for Pioneer Woman

Last night she fed me potato and leek pizza with goat cheese. All I can say is I am one patient person and went into it with an open mind. It was tolerable...but nothing I think I would want very often. A appreciated that I was a good sport but I'm fearful of what I will be presented with tomorrow.
We had a nice quiet Christmas this year. On Christmas eve we had a small dinner and mom came with her pet (the boyfriend). They didn't stay too late and I doubt they had made it to the end of our street and we looked at each other and said "when do you want to open gifts?" The dogs had already been in the spirit for several days since they completely unwrapped one of my gifts and started 2 more.
I asked A if she was going to re-wrap them and she said hell no! We discovered Nifty was the ringleader so I wrapped the dogs' new stuffed toys and let them have at it. Nifty had a blast and completely unwrapped one without any help.
Christmas day we visited A's family and overall it was pleasant. Every year we ask A's mom to not worry about buying us gifts and every year she does. I opened my package first and found a black and purple tracksuit. Okay not the worst gift I've ever received. A opened her's and it was a matching tracksuit except brown and pink. I saw the immediate flash of horror cross her face and I muttered through closed lips "just say 'thank you' and I'll trade you when we get home." I did ask her to put on the pink just once for a photo and she was willing at the moment. Here's where that moment comes back to haunt her.
She looks like a pink nightmare.
And on this Monday evening I have just one last question...what the hell is up with John Mellencamp's hair?!


C.I.W. said...

Aww A looks sweet in pink :) and for JCM - when the fork did he get so old!?!?!?

I am glad you enjoyed your weekend and the holiday and welcome back to life.


Ms. Moon said...

You girls- oh- you make me laugh and feel happy.
As to John Mellencamp- I think he is trying to distract us from what has happened to his face with that hair. That's my thinking on it.

LilliGirl said...

OMG He looks like HELL!

crystal said...

Matching tracksuits?! That is hilarious!!!
Three days in your pjs though sounds absolutely heavenly :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Tell A. that picture was priceless. Fucking Pioneer Woman? You're kidding me. Laugh.

Being a long-time fan, I found the Mellencamp photo REALLY upsetting.

Happy New Year to you and A. SB loves you two.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Okay, so you exited the cave. Now where the fuck are you??? I miss you.