Sunday, September 4, 2011

Frog Massacres, Car Rides, Lattes and Other Randomness

Woke up this morning and it was 56 degrees. Seriously, it was 92 and so humid I could hardly breathe just a few days ago. Oh, the joys of can't hold onto the summer. Yesterday morning A and I sat in the back yard trying to catch a cooling breeze then somewhere mid-afternoon I saw my neighbor's windmill change direction-here comes the north wind. By evening the AC was off, windows open and sweatshirts out.

Late last night I finally forced myself to leave home and return to the Twin Cities. As I drove along the back roads it was a frog massacre. There were frogs everywhere hopping across the road; leaving the swamps, lakes and ponds to return to the mud of the fields. There is just no way to dodge all the hopping bodies and each "thud" I heard under my car just made me sick to my stomach. The frogs and busy squirrels know that it won't be long until until the big chill arrives. I'm just hoping for a long, long fall.

This is the first day in over a week that I haven't went home for the day. I've been spending my nights at my house sitting/pet sitting gig. I get up in the morning, clean, do laundry, run the dogs in the yard, hop in the shower and make the 1:15 hour drive home to do the same thing again at that house. A is recovering well. She has finished her antibiotics and is passing the point of concern over complications. This morning though, I woke up and followed my normal, laundry, dog running, showering and then found myself wandering. A and I had plans to join friends for a BBQ/bonfire today before her surgery. Since A is feeling up to entering public life again and they are about 1/2 the way home, we are meeting there.

It's good that I'm staying here with these dogs today. My pet sitting crew has greatly decreased after 5 moved to other foster homes and our sweet little Petie passed. I won't lie and say I miss them all (well I truly miss Petie) but the numbers here are much more manageable and I'm enjoying them much more. Like sweet and spunky Suki who definitely got her point across to me yesterday as I got ready to leave. They've been spending too much time alone.

Betty takes her crew in the car a lot and even has these cute little baskets/booster seats they ride in. Since she left I had not had them out but today I was craving a coffee so I rattled my keys and called "Wanna go for a ride?" and Suki, Juno and Gus went ballistic! I opened the door to the garage and they were leaping with all they had to get into my car.

We headed to Starbucks but the line was a mile long...don't know what that was about so instead we settled for a vanilla latte at McD's. I've had better (and worse) but I did save myself a $1...well more like $2 especially when you consider a latte is 1/2 foam anyway. The thing I dislike about McD's is they make you declare if you want whole or fat-free milk. At Starbucks, unless you say fat-free they just make it with the good stuff and you can delude yourself into believing whatever you want...if you don't say it it didn't happen.
Sweet little Susannah sleeping in the sun. Soon she will be coming home to stay with me. Honestly I feel a lot like this....just so very, very tired. I've been sleeping; more like I can't keep my eyes open another second and passing out sleeping, but spending 8+ hours in bed at night plus taking naps with A during the day. I just can't get enough sleep. I know that I'm just stressed and this is how my body deals...I need to sleep and repair. Betty should be returning home mid-week and my work asked me if I wanted to extend my time off another day so I don't go back until Wednesday. Hallelujah!
If you managed to make it through this long and mostly pointless post, I applaud you for your dedication. Now get the hell out of here and go out and enjoy your Labor Day!


Ms. Moon said...

This IS me enjoying my Labor Day! I am the same way with stress and sleep. Exactly.

Queen of Ruckus said...

I wish I could take your advice, Mel, and enjoy the Labor Day weekend outside, but, unlike the wonderful cool weather you are starting to enjoy, I am still in the 100s, PLUS humidity! Help! :) Loved the post, by the way. Oh and one more thing: Yes I do love typewriters and I am a bit of a typewriter geek. :)

crystal said...

Im so glad A is feeling better! I love the pictures of Suki in your bag...they know how to get their point across don't they :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are one of the nicest people I know, and I love you. Take care of you, okay? Care-taking surely is hard on a body.