Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had a rough week-just one headache after another. I seem to go through cycles and it's frustrating trying to work and stay focused when your eyes feel like they are popping out of your head.

My dogs scared the shit out of me last night. I heard them barking in the back yard and it was not the normal I'm barking at the neighbor, come pet me. It was hectic and shrieking. I run to my back door to see my 13 pound retired mama with 3 teeth nose-to-nose with a full sized Collie! She was jumping and ready to fight. Plus my 2-14 pound boys are running to join in the battle. The collie had got through the gate and into our yard. I start screaming for A and take off running to put myself between my babies and this unknown dog. Now I don't believe in breed bans and I know the majority of large dogs are fine, but it's just a safety thing to never allow your small dog to be unsupervised with a large dog, especially one you don't know. Things happen in an instant. Turns out the collie was just lost and whimpering. We helped her find her way home.

Tomorrow I have to finish putting together silent auction items for the rescue I work with. I volunteered to be the auction coordinator for our event this month. I also found out I'm getting another temporary foster dog in a few days. The house will be chaotic for awhile. He's a 6 year old, unaltered male. That means he will probably want to mark his territory and will have to wear a belly band. The owner posted the dog on Craig's List (which I absolutely hate) but decided to surrender the dog to rescue instead. I spoke to the woman tonight trying to set up a pick up, but she sounds really unsure. She got really freaky when I mentioned coming to her house to pick up the dog, so I had to agree to meet some place else. Sounds like she may be a hoarder. Those people mean well, but they become too overwhelmed with the number of animals they have and end up neglecting them. I hope she doesn't back out.


vixen kitten said...

The world needs more hearts like yours. Thank you for being the kind of person you are.