Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sometimes the Best Response is A Simple "Thank You!"

Yesterday A and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. I know, September 11th as an anniversary is not the most cheerful time. For many years we celebrated the 12th, but this year we decided to reclaim the day and try to find something positive in it.

We are going away for a long weekend in a couple weeks; a private cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. We agreed no presents, but A pulled out a letter she had written me. The crazy thing is I wrote her a letter also. That's not something we would normally do, but we both did it without the other knowing. One year on Valentine's Day we actually bought each other the same card. We are disgustingly in sync.

A had made reservations at a upscale steak and seafood restaurant. We had never eaten there before, but had heard how great it was. We arrived for dinner and she had pre-ordered a bouquet of roses and they were waiting on our table. We had a wonderful dinner; great wine, great food, great conversation and much flirting. Our waitress had asked what we were celebrating and offered her congratulations. Another waitress who came to pack up our leftovers offered her congrats also and then told us she had just celebrated her 26th anniversary with her partner. They brought us a complementary Celebration cake too. I will NEVER complain about cake!

As we were leaving, I walked ahead of A carrying my flowers and a man at the next table raised his wine glass to me as I passed and called out enthusiastically "Happy Birthday!" Now there's a time to correct someone's assumptions, but he was so sincere that I just smiled and said "Thank You". A and I laughed all the way home.

Awww straight people, they sure make me smile!


tommy said...

Happy Ten!!! and Congratulations... I hope that I sound as happy and in love as you do when I hit my ten years with Jen...Hope you had a lovely night filled with lots of dirty kinky sex and cuddling...or whatever you and A are into, lol. Congrats again :) How EXCITING!!!

P.S. the word verification is etroos, I can't think of anything clever to suggest for it's meaning, but it's really amusing to me since I kind of have a beer buzz and have just spent the last 24 hours writing brain is fried...ha

crystal said...

I love this, congrats on 10 years!! Sometimes you have to just smile at the harmless naivetee of straight men! :)
ps: following along with Tommy, my word verification is "chicc"...a little more relevant!

Dawg said...

Straights can often be entertainment. You take it in strides, great way to be :)

Jude said...

Congrats on the 10 years. You two sound like you're made for each other and what a sweet way to celebrate too.

vixen kitten said...


What a beautiful celebration.


PS Happy Bday too! :)

CJ said...

Straight people are funny! Congrats on the anniversary! Enjoy your time in our state!

Camlin said...

Happy tenth!