Monday, July 5, 2010

Just Crusin' By

Somehow I managed to cruise right through my 100th post milestone without blinking. I didn't even realize it until I was several posts past. Now I can't help but stop and think about what I could have posted here over a hundred times and if any of it was worth a damn to read. So I say thank you to those of you who stop by. I always enjoy your comments and if you prefer not to comment, that's fine too. I also have to thank all the bloggers I stop by and read too. I enjoy reading about your lives; different ideas and opinions. Getting a peek into the lives of other lesbian couples has made us feel not so isolated and we are living our lives more openly then we have ever before.

I'm on day 3 of my lovely 4 day weekend and finally some time alone. I love my sweetie dearly, but sometimes we all just need a day at home alone--to do nothing special. It's not terribly hot but the humidity is oppressive and makes it miserable to spend much time outdoors.

My holiday celebration was sedate. We met up with friends on July 3rd for a small town celebration. One of my friends is an Elvis impersonator and he was performing outside in the 90 degree temps and humidity. He joined in the salute to the flag with the American Legion. Too bad they chose to salute the flag with a toliet in the background.

Afterward, we found a quiet corner at a local restaurant to cool off and chat. As we sat around eating, laughing and gossiping, I looked around at these friends who have become more like family. It's more like they have adopted A and I into their family. Blood family can be stressful, needy and sometimes just a pain in the ass, but adopted family is sooooo much better.  We're planning a weekend at the lake in August, maybe Mexico this winter and New York City in the spring. Good times with the fun family.

On July 4th, A's dad drove down to visit and have lunch. Instead of hanging out with them, I drove 90 miles to pick up my newest foster. We met at a rescue friend's house and spent a good deal of the afternoon chatting. I consider that a great way to spend the holiday, especially since I was surrounded by so many lovely little Japanese Chins.


Jude said...

Well, Town and Country Sewer Services got some free advertising.

I love my 4 day weekends too. I thought maybe I'd go hit the book store today but you know what, staying home, reading a book I already have sounds so much better.

Mexico? For crap sakes, be careful if you go.

Have a good rest of the time off.

Ms. Moon said...

Where in Mexico? I know the sweetest, safest place...

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Jude-staying home sounds good to me. I stayed in my PJs all day. It was glorious!

Ms. Moon- we are just kicking around the idea of a trip this winter. I would love any suggestions.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm going to smile all damn day about that photo of the salute with the portaloo in the background. That shit is funny.

I love you and A. Have a great week!


Bethany said...

Happy 100th, Happy 4th. Yeah, too bad there was a toilet in the background. That made me laugh. I'm glad you had some downtime and fun time with adopted family too. Yay for your new foster. Yay you!

Thanks for being so supportive and sweet. I love when you visit and I love visiting you.