Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Tonight A was downstairs working out. I went down to find her just finishing up.

Me: Babe, I have a need.

A Really?! *big smile and puffing up* Well I'm sweaty but give me a few minutes and I'll meet you in bed.

Me: *sigh* Noooo, I mean I NEED some cake or brownies...maybe some cookies.

A: *looking very disappointed*

Me: I've been combing the cupboards and we don't even have anything to bake. Would you go to the store and get something?

A: *smiling and shaking her head* Of course...what do you want?

So she got dressed and braved the extremely cold temperatures just to go pick up something sweet for me from the store. The really sad thing...even after all that niceness, I still didn't give her what she really wanted.  I'm bad, bad, BAD....and very spoiled. What can I say except that some needs sometimes overpower others.


Ms. Moon said...

She needs for you to love her and you need for her to love you.
I think those needs are quite well taken care of.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

A. is swell. I adore her.

So happy you have each other.



sunshine said...

Well, relationships are all about give and take, just make sure not to forget that! I am sure there are times when she gets exactly what she wants from you! ;)

tommy said...

um, hello... mix the brownies, but save some batter...smear it all over her and lick it off (or vice versa) while the brownies back, then you will have warm brownies for dessert before you crash...

That's awesome she went to the store for you :) Now I'ma need you to work on that spoiled thing, haha.

crystal said... can she bring some of the brownies you made over here?!

LilliGirl said...

A rocks!