Monday, February 21, 2011

The Seven Year Itch?

I've been thinking about it a lot these days; dreaming, scheming, planning for a way to make it work.

I find myself wondering what would I do, where would I go, what it would be like.

I've always had a short attention span. I need variety, change, challenge, something to hold my interest.

But there's always so much stress in making these types of changes.

A tells me to not be's just a phase. Maybe we just need to get away for a while; a vacation, a different point of view. I need to find the spark again.

No, I'm not talking about my relationship thankfully. I often tell A she is certainly something special to have kept this gemini intersted after all these years (no small feat I must admit). But I am thinking about my career. I'm feeling very blah and negative about my job recently. I really hate that negativity too. I hate feeling it and thinking it. It affects me physically with tension in my neck and back, headaches. I find myself not speaking much because I have nothing good to say. 

My mom would say "shit or get off the pot". the big question is, what do I want to do next?


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. That is always the question- what next?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

My mom used to say that, too. I feel the same way. I like the people at my job, but the job itself bores the shit out of me.

Love to you and A.,


crystal said...

I tell my pups that all the time when they are spending ages sniffing for the perfect spot! :)

Maybe you need to apply for a job out at DogTown.....just saying!

kymberley said...

I hope you find whatever it is that makes you happy :)

Scamatoon said...

Move to South Africa :) Not boring here

sunshine said...

To me change is always good, cause what doesn't move eventually gets stuck... Hope you find a way to get refreshed and change for the better! Come visit us here in the Caribbean, that should at least make your skin a little toasty!!!