Monday, May 23, 2011

New Levels of Insanity and a Tacky RV Make-Over

Meet my 2 newest house guests.


Let me stress that they are only guests and will be heading to their own homes in less than 2 weeks. They are sweet and polite but there are entirely too many dogs in this house. Leeza and Chantelle's addition brings us to the insane number of 10. Yes, that's right I said TEN!!      When I sighed and muttered those words this morning, A practically dropped to her knees rejoicing that I realize that fact. 

When A and I finalized our trip to Ohio, we couldn't very well leave without at least offering to transport any dogs that needed to head east. We have foster homes along the route and with gas prices, well transports are becoming more limited. Early last week it appeared that we weren't going to have any extras along but by the middle of the week, two adopters had contacted us about meeting along our route to pick up their newest addition. By Friday, I had it all planned out and Saturday I picked them up while doing my previously planned transport. I can't help but be amazed by the dedication and efficiency of the people I work with on a regular basis; four people came from four directions and dogs were swapped, 3 headed for adoptive homes and another 6 headed for the first time into a foster home. It was a good day.

Between all the seemingly non-stop rain we have managed to get the RV road ready. The all important engine maintenance and wheel and tire conversion was completed a few weeks ago. Then we decided to start a little make-over on the interior. We plan to paint but don't have time to get into that yet so we started easy by covering the retro sea-foam green 1987 interior and replacing the curtains with bright colors and now we're kind of hippie-ish. 

A said she wanted bright colors and I aim to please. In the rear there are two more windows with turquoise, purple and pink curtains and I covered the rear bench with a bright polka dot sheet. Now I can't wait to start painting.
For the driver and passenger seats we chose blue Hawaiian seat covers. Once A got a look at those, she decided she wouldn't be satisfied without a dashboard hula girl to complete the look. Meet "Sweet Leilani". I found her and several others on Ebay. A made her choice and I had her shipped to us from Hawaii even though I'm sure her point of origin is China. Looks like she is more traveled than us already.
What can I say except that when we decide to go tacky and cliche, we go all the way. 
My favorite part of this picture is A's lumbar support pillow in the driver's seat. :)
Before placing Leilani on the dashboard for our hula-ing pleasure, A just couldn't resist finding out what she had on under that skirt. For the record, she has a yellow bikini. 

Here in Minnesota, spring has finally arrived in some way, shape or form. It's been extremely rainy and cooler than normal but that doesn't stop life from struggling forward. The farmers may not be able to get into the fields but the plants have managed to push through the soil. The leaves appeared on the trees overnight and my hostas shot up like magic. The rosebushes are filling out and the ants are already working on the peony buds. A planted her salsa garden; herbs, tomato and pepper plants yesterday between scattered thunderstorms. We just can't keep waiting for mother-nature to get her ass in gear.


Mark said...

A.'s a naughty girl for looking under that skirt! ha!
Listen, the R.V. looks great! The colors are super. Now, you have enough color in there so when you go to pick your paint, make it simple so that your already existing colors stand out. I'm sorry, I'm a gay man, I can't resist giving decorating advice. "I was born this way."
Your Friend, m.

Ms. Moon said...

As I write this, there is a dancing hula girl two feet away. She lives on the wall of the porch. I hang everything on walls. And I love dancing hula girls.
I love your RV, too. Looking very, very good. Love to you and A.

crystal said...

10?!? You are crazy! But they really are cute :) I love the RV makeover, it is so happy now!!

* said...

you are silly that is for sure and i love the rv makeover...wonderful!
also, those two dogs...i want to squeeze and hug them they are so freakin' adorable!!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Mark, since you are a gay man, I would have been disappointed if you wouldn't have offered advice. :)

Ms. Moon: I hula girl makes us smile so much, I'm thinking of getting one for here in the house too.

Crystal and Kym; these two are sweet and lovable but I'm counting down the days until they get to go to their own homes. I found I have a limit after all.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love all the colorful stuff you two chose for the makeover. It looks great! Leilani made me laugh. That name is perfect.

I love you two. You never fail to crack me up.

Let's do drinks sometime when y'all pass through Ohio. I live right close to where I-70 and I-75 intersect.

Also, how can a bitch NOT adopt Chantelle? What a fetching damn name. I also like her teeth. Bitch looks like she is smiling in the photo. I dig her.