Monday, May 9, 2011

This Life is All Just an Adventure (And A Long Post)

I woke up this morning to thunder and lightening and hail. For one brief moment I thought I should get up and check things out...but then I rolled over and my muscles groaned and I decided I wasn't going anywhere. I looked at the kitty sleeping on my pillow and moaned, "Can't I have just one more day at home?" A few hours later I got my wish; work called to tell me my schedule had fallen apart. Yeah, I get to stay home.

My weekend started at 5pm Friday on a gloomy note. I left work and as I turned toward home I could see a huge storm cloud in the distance. All I could think was great, finally a beautiful day stuck indoors and just as I get to go home, here comes the rain again. Fuck!!
Luckily is was just a quick moving rain cloud and I just missed the sun-shower as I drove up to a lake just 5 miles from my house. Instead I was treated with a view of this beautiful rainbow.

At home A had the same idea and took a picture from our backyard. 
It ended up being a lovely evening and we spent it at home.

Saturday I woke early to a beautiful sunny day. It was a little cool, only in the 50s but perfect weather for  walking/running. It was especially nice for me who had not been out training for over 2+ weeks because of the cold rain/snow.  We actually made it out the door and to the 5K early (because I'm usually running late) and we got to see the 1/2 marathon runners start. 
Before the 5K, the 5 of us posed for one last photo just in case someone dropped over beside the road.  I have to admit that some of us (mainly me) were kind of lazy 5Kers. We walked up hills and jogged down. We just wanted to finish before time was up. I did get a little stressed at one point. We came around a corner and the Boy Scouts were set up handing out water. Someone asked how far to the finish and I swore she said we were 1 mile in. At this point I'm starting to panic, "OMG A, did she say we've only went a mile! That can't be right! We still have 2 miles! I can't go another 2 miles!!" Picture that I'm panting and wanting to die. A just tried to reassure me that only a mile left, "Just keep thinking Blood Mary, Bloody Mary".  I told her I don't like Bloody Marys that damn much! 

All my life I've heard of the mythical "Runners High". What a fucking joke! Afterward I had that damn lactic acid burn in my legs and the girls told me that was supposed to be a great feeling. I told them that feeling is only great if induced by wild, mind-blowing sex. Otherwise, it's a waste!
The girl who had my camera didn't know how to turn it on, so she didn't get a picture of us crossing the finish line. But we finished in 39:22. The first of our group finished in 32:04 and everyone else fell in between. The average finish for the whole 5K was 41:26 so we were all better than average. Bonus, no cramp in my side!
Afterward, Bloody Mary, beer chaser and a huge-ass breakfast that calorie content surpassed what I had just burnt off. I will admit, that after my belly was full, I agreed to do it again next year. I'm a glutton for punishment.

We came home and spent some time outside with the dogs. Last year at our rescue auction I won a dog agility set and wanted to try out the tunnel; some sniffed it, others just avoided it. A thought it would be a good idea to climb in and maybe entice the dogs inside.
Okay, now they're interested.
 Jill even went inside for a minute.
But then she got stuck and the dogs scattered. Notice, I take pictures but don't rush to help her. I wonder what my neighbors think. Even after all this, we had to go grocery shopping plus I had extra stops to make. By the time we came home that night, I could barely walk. Every muscle in the lower 1/2 of my body was screaming and I was asking myself why the hell do I do these things without properly preparing.

Mother's Day went off without a hitch. A and I both invited our mothers out to brunch at a nearby restaurant. It's on the river and they have great outdoor spaces and a lot of feeders and nesting areas to attract birds and other wildlife. It was busy and they didn't accept reservations but the awesome breakfast was worth the wait. 

After the moms went home, A got to work installing a new stereo system in the RV. Sounds simple until you realize the RV is 24 years old and so is the old radio. We knew we needed to install new speakers but when we pulled the old radio out, well things were just wired differently back then. The radios didn't need as much power and there were only 5 wires. A new stereo has more like 15-20 wires and needs additional power from wires that don't exist. This endeavor required removing part of the dash, a Dremel to cut a larger opening and sacrificing the cigarette lighter for extra power. All in all, it worked out well and A gets an A+ for effort on that project.


Jess said...

Looks like a great weekend...minus that whole running thing! LOL! I have GOT to become a better lesbian...I have no idea how to rewire a radio...Home Depot should have that class too!

Ms. Moon said...

When I used to run I never got high either. On running, at least. Bah on that myth.
But good for you for doing it!
I do love a woman who can use a power tool. Tell A I said that, too!
Love from me to you...M

crystal said...

It sounds like you had an amazing weekend, running and all! I love that you recapped the 5k as it actually was, not the typical "Oh it was hard work, but soooo rewarding!" Damn runners.... :)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Jess, we can talk you through it on the phone.

Ms. Moon-I told her and she felt proud of herself.

Crystal-If I would have tried feeding you a line like that, you would have known I was full of shit. :)

Queen of Ruckus said...

You know... I did one of those "5K" runs several years ago, and it was a BAD idea!!!!! I was all for it, even trained for it hard core(I was much fitter six years ago haha) and everything, only to be in pain for days afterward. Damn lactic acid. dammit!

LilliGirl said...

Jess, google knows all. It will teach you.

Plus I found I only got the high after 3 miles...and there are easier ways to get high than running 3 miles hee hee

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm impressed that A knew how to do all that with the install and dash. I'd be fucked. The Viking didn't believe that I've never even cooked chicken with the skin on in the oven before, until very recently. I was so proud! I told him I never HAD to do things like that for myself.

Way to go on the marathon, by the way. I'd never make it, Bloody Marys or no.

I love you and A.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Queen-It's Tuesday and I'm FINALLY starting to feel better. I've been surviving on Excedrin.

LilliGirl-You're damn right about that!

SB-I can completely understand...I'm one spoiled little bitch myself. If you were here, you would have been welcome to join us for drinks even without running. Hugs.

Honey said...

Want me to come over and give the pups an agility lesson? I can run through the tunnel and they can follow me!


Jude said...

The only time I got a running high was when I was running from the cops, never mind. ;)
Anyway...good for you two for signing up for next year! Maybe you did get a high.
Love all the pictures! And high five the A on her not getting electrocuted, amputated or stuck.

* said...

lol at what jude wrote...anyway congrats on the 5k whether you walked or ran, good for you for doing it!
Great photos!!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Com'on over Honey. These dogs learn much faster from their doggy friends than their humans.

Jude-Please promise me I'll get to hear the rest of that story sometime.

Thanks Kym. Always good to hear from you.