Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Less Than Ideal Camping Weekend

A is finally on her way driving toward home. This weekend she took her mother (Nancy) camping in Iowa. Last summer Nancy whined multiple times about wanting to go in the RV and A kept her at bay telling her they would plan something for this summer. Well this spring Nancy brought it up again and A couldn't avoid it any longer so a date was set. 

I could have went along, I would have loved to spend the weekend cruising down the highway, lounging by a fire, swimming, riding around town on my bicycle and stopping for a Bob dog at the local drive-in restaurant...but NOT with Nancy along. She's hard enough to deal with (even A struggles to tolerate) and I couldn't tolerate 3 days in such close quarters. Plus she was bringing along that hateful little dog of hers. That little dog has no manners, no discipline and no guidance and the sad truth is it's Nancy's fault. There's just not enough room in the RV for 3 adults, 1 psycho dog and our 8 included. I opted to stay home.

2 weeks ago I was having doubts this trip was really going to happen. First Nancy called to complain about the time they were leaving She wanted to work Friday and then drive down to our house (it would take her 1.5 hours to get here) and then leave. A told her they were leaving at the pre-arranged time since she didn't want to drive all that way and then have to set up camp in the dark. 

Last weekend we were at a family picnic and Nancy was asking if the beds were comfortable and saying things like she sure hoped she would be able to sleep without hurting her back and I hope the AC keeps it cool enough. Then it was things like "well you know I can only eat Hebrew National hot dogs" A said fine; told her to pick up a pack and asked her to make a bowl of potato salad too. Nancy started complaining in the whine of her's that she had to buy her own hotdogs and make potato salad. I had enough and told her flat out that I think that's the least she can do since A is the one driving, providing the majority of the food, and paying for the campsite and gas (for a 9mpg gas whore). 

Her attitude just really pisses me off. I consider it very rude and just plain ungrateful, especially when A is just trying to be nice.

From my texts with A all weekend, it sounds like all Nancy did was complain while they were there too. A spent all her time trying to wrangle the dog. It barks constantly and her mother does nothing to try to quiet it. Hey I understand that dogs bark, ours do too, but we don't let them go on and we make a huge effort to not let them disturb others. A was pissed to be woken at 6am this morning by her mother's dog screaming at the top of her lungs at nothing. Unfortunately some campgrounds are starting to ban pets because of irresponsible owners. I don't want to see that become the rule since it would really ruin things for us.

I have a feeling this is the first and last camping trip for A and her mother.


crystal said...

Ahhh, mother-in-laws...I feel your pain on this one!! I also agree about barking dogs, it doesn't bother me unless the owner does nothing to stop it! Just try to get them to stop, make an effort people, don't make us all look bad!! :(
Anyways, I hope it wasn't too terrible for A, you will have to have a fun camping trip to make up for it!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

It's too damn bad it worked out that way. A was so nice to try and put the trip together.

Mothers. Man, oh man.

Love you both,