Monday, July 25, 2011

Thinking of Life on the Road (A lot of Pictures)

Poor A.
Her weekend camping trip was worse than I thought. We didn't have much time to talk; mostly she was filling me in via text. You know how texting don't get the entire description or the mood of the situation. 

When she walked in the house, I immediately could tell she was steaming. We hurried to get her mom's stuff loaded into her car all the time listening to the psycho mutt screech in our back yard. A couldn't hurry her out of here quick enough! Seems like they had quite the blow-up on the 4 hour drive home today. I'm so proud of her though since she really gave her mom an earful. Years ago she would have never; she would have simply clamped her mouth shut. For so many years A has been apologizing for her sexuality and today she stood up for who she is and told her mother she is not ashamed-take it or leave it! Ha!
We always joke that I'm the little devil who sits on her shoulder and whispers, say this, do that. Today apparently I was.

Well at least we have some weekend trips planned over the next couple months. Looks like the state of Minnesota has reopened the majority of the state parks so we don't have to cancel anything. I feel bad that A had such a shitty waste of a weekend but I couldn't help but be envious of her too. Instead I was stuck here at home looking at pictures and longing for our next road trip.

When A installed the new stereo, she put it all the way over by the steering wheel.
No matter, I'm still in control with the mp3 played and remote in my lap. I truly have to have things my way...and messing with the stereo is distracted driving anyway. 

The most common question we get when out in the RV is "What's it like to travel with all those dogs?" What can I say other than it's like living with them at home but in a much smaller space. 

We have all types of people approach us but some of the nicest are the truckers. They come over motivated by loneliness for their pets left at home while they spend weeks...sometimes months on the road. We listen patiently as tell us about their own dogs. We often find ourselves staying longer at a stop than expected just because we hate to cut them off.
I admit that our first few road trips were a learning experience but this year we really have it down.
We all try to be safe and stick together. If someone leaves the pack, everyone anxiously keeps watch until their return.
And if you don't behave, you can ride in the crate on the hitch rack, also known as "The Dinky Seat" (from National Lampoon's Vacation).
The old man grass-rolls at every stop.
And he rides in his stroller parked between the seats.
But Tim, being the jealous bastard he is, has to try out Giz's special seat every chance he gets.
Sia and Cassie spend a lot of time breathing down my neck. (Phew!)
And barking at people when we stop for gas.
And attempting the challenge to get up into the front seat to be with mama at any cost.

We encounter informative wall art. I wonder just how many people are named "Tabby" in that small town? My guess, not many and Tabby knows who she is.
And judgement along the interstate.
We really had to laugh that the one doing the condemning can't spell.

We travel on a scary, demonic road the superstitious may want to avoid.
And find historical roadsigns too. A trail marker and S-shaped bridge on the National Road, commissioned by Thomas Jefferson and one of the earliest roads west. It was supposed to go to Missouri but they ran out of money in Illinois. See our government had financial problems then too.

I wish we would have stopped here for breakfast. I just loved the name and it reminded me of Ms. Moon.
Our final stop on our return trip form Ohio-The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa where Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper played their final show.
See what wild times we have on the road? *laugh*


crystal said...

I love this post, road trips are the best for finding hilarious randomness! I think it is interesting that truckers are drawn to your crew too. How great is it that they can get some comfort from a bit of their homesickness?

Mark said...

Is roadtripping with a pack of dogs like roadtripping with a pack of kids? Or are the dogs easier? I need one of those fences to keep my kids in.
Take care! m.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The photos of the dogs crack me up. I think I need to load the 7 cats up and start traveling with them. NOT.

I love you guys for your can-do attitudes. I really do. You crack my shit up.

Thanks for the Monday laughs.

Maybe one day we can all travel somewhere together--you, me, A, the dogs, my dog, and the 7 damn cats. It would be ONE BIG CHAOTIC BITCH. What fun we'd have! We could always get drunk.

Much love,


Cass and Beth said...

Love all the pictures! I can see why you thought our Cosmo was a Japanese Chin... your dogs are beautiful! :)

Great post!!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Crystal-At first those truckers freaked me out but so far, they have all been more than polite. One guy was actually tearing up as he talked to us.

Mark-I vote kids are easier. Not only can they be caged but I can leave them unsupervised for a few hours. I highly recommend fences...but than again you already have a cage.

SB-Wouldn't that be one fucked-up road trip?! I say we get pet-sitters and go traveling. We can get drunk anyway.

Cass and Beth-Thanks for stopping by. Yes they are beautiful but some days they test me. :)

vixen kitten said...

OMG You know I got a bit jaded with blogger after being stalked by the Assbag, but then I log in and read a post like this, and all is right in my little world again!

You are both just the best! Truly. You are! <3


PS...I think I know Tabby! :)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Always good to hear from you dear VK! If I were Tabby, I would be out there in the night with a can of paint. Well, maybe she likes the attention. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and give Honey a kiss for me.

Ms. Moon said...

Knowing exactly what a hen house looks like, I am not sure I'd want to eat in one.

LilliGirl said...

This looks like a fabulous trip but I beg to differ...the dogs HAVE to be more "low-maintenance" than kids. At least the understand the concept of "chill"

Mel's Way or No Way said...

LilliGirl-That was a typo: dogs have to be easier than kids. No doubt in my mind about that!