Monday, August 8, 2011

Nerstrand/Big Woods State Park

How can I be so tired from doing nothing? Oh yeah I'm tired form all the drama; not with A and I. We are fine as ever but rescue/friend drama. I'll write more on that later when I have a chance to sit and write it down. The last 4 days have been a blur but we had weekend plans that we weren't breaking.

We loaded up the crew and cruised to a nearby state park for the weekend. I can truly say I did nothing all weekend but sit around the fire, eat and relax.
The dogs had to do a few "time-outs" inside the RV. Here Tim watches A setting up the tripod to cook over the fire.
A was so excited to finally use her new Dutch oven. Her dad, sister and nephew came to join us for hiking and dinner. She made campfire chili and I baked the cornbread before we left home. Since the fire was going she decided to bake the biscuits for Sunday breakfast in her Dutch oven too.
We got distracted by more visitors to our campsite and the biscuits ended up a little over-done. Oh well, there was plenty of food and I didn't need more carbs in my diet.
I spotted this RV when we were pulling in and snapped a picture..."Look A, Parrot Heads!"
Later that evening the two ladies who own and painted this rig stopped by our camp site to meet the dogs. 
A's dad had to stop on the trail and read every informational plaque.
Starting into the woods. All I can think is how many mosquitos are in there waiting to feast on me. I had coated myself in DEET and even though the mosquitos still swarmed me, I came out of the woods with only one bite.
The trail we were on followed along a creek and it wasn't long before we found the Hidden Falls.
A's sister took her dad back to camp while A and I continued on another trail for awhile.
We found this interesting tree and A just couldn't resist climbing it.
I wasn't there to witness it personally, but I can't help but imagine this is what A's birth looked like. She swears her birth was more like "Alien". Whatever.
Happy Monday!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Happy Monday! I love the photos, especially the last one. Laugh. I almost feel like I was along on the trip. I'm a plaque/sign reader, too!

Love you both,


crystal said...

Drama stinks :( At least it looks like you had a fun camping weekend though!

Ms. Moon said...

Swell times. Looks like a lot of fun and that is a very lame comment but it's true.

Mark said...

That "birthing" photo has me rolling on the floor. Too funny!
I'm not sure I can handle hearing about more "drama". It seems that all the Bloggers are having Summer drama these days.
Oh, and I don't get the "parrot head" line. Explain. m.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

SB- The more time I spend with A's dad, the more I see the similarities. That's fine long as she's not like her mom.

Mark-Jimmy Buffet fans call themselves "Parrot Heads".

Jude said...

Dutch oven that's fancy! That last photo still cracks me up.