Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's my Monday tomorrow, blah! The more time I have away from the work, the less I want to go back. Please tell me that I get to retire when A does. I wasn't even surprised today when people at the office started texting me about office drama---seriously people, I haven't been there for 4-1/2 days!

Several months ago A and I were invited to spend this past weekend with friends at Grand Casino. They come from the north and us from the south; it is a nice meet-in-the-middle location. We made reservations then I realized I had to spend that Saturday at the University of MN for a continuing education class. I felt guilty but couldn't cancel since work was paying and I'm in need of credits-oh the joy of procrastination! A wanted to cancel her weekend but I encouraged her to go, hang out and have fun. 

Saturday morning as I got ready to go into Minneapolis, I decided on a whim that after my class I would drive up and surprise A, have dinner and just spend a few hours. I mean it was only another hour north. I arrived in record time (thanks to my lead-foot) and texted her that I was in the parking lot-meet me in the hotel lobby. She was so surprised and excited. I just LOVE making her happy and it's really so simple to do. 

I'm really not into gambling but A was playing poker and I watched over her shoulder and consulted. Otherwise I visited and people watched. My original plan was to spend a few hours then make the 2 hour drive home. A and the other ladies insisted I stay the night (and I admit I packed an overnight bag just in case). I have to say it was nice to spend the night in that big bed without any dogs. After a huge breakfast Sunday morning with my new favorite food-wild rice bread-we came home.

I'm glad I had the last two days at home even if they did fly and I didn't accomplish much. Just getting the dogs out to run in the yard was a treat and I dread the weeks--months we will spend closed up in this house. The early darkness is already starting to feel oppressive but the weather is still holding unseasonably warm. The weather man keeps saying rain/snow then changing his mind. I'm happy when he's wrong even though I know we can't keep winter away forever. 


Mark said...

There is nothing better than curling up and sleeping in a well made(and clean...) hotel bed. It's heaven!
Yeah, the dark days will be hard to take but the warm weather is very nice. I agree with you.
Your Friend, m.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm so glad you got to join A. and your friends.

I dread the coming winter with you, my love. You are not alone.

Love to the both of you,


crystal said...

Ugh, Im sorry it is your Monday tomorrow, particularly since everyone else is excited about an early Friday! Im with you on the indecisive weather man. I keep expecting snow, then being pleasantly surprised when I walk out to my car at the end of the day and see no white! It can't stay away forever though....sigh...

Ms. Moon said...

Although I love the foreplay part of a trip, sometimes the best trips are the spontaneous ones.
I'm so glad you got one. You MADE it happen and that's terrific.

Winter sucks donkey dicks. Sorry. But for some of us, it just does.