Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad Habits

I've fallen into bad habits these days. I come home from work and park my ass until it's time for bed. I then realize I should have done laundry or prepared something for the next day, so I'm up until midnight getting it done. I go to bed late, wake up late, rush to work (almost got hit by a train this morning) and then start the whole damn cycle over again.

A and I have not been to the gym since before Christmas. I hate going in Janurary since everyone makes their New Year's resolution to start going and the place is packed. I can't watch a person panting to the point I think they may go into cardiac arrest while going .3mph on the elipitical.  I would much rather be outdoors than in the gym anyway. Last summer we spent so many days on the bike trails; doesn't seem like work then.

I've fallen back into bad eating habits too. I lost 23 pounds but once the holidays started rolling around it becomes easy to say I'll just have one more piece of candy/cookie/cake.  That means I've gained some back. I'm a sugar addict; once my body gets a taste, I'm hooked all over agian.

Other bad habits: I bite my nails, snore, I'm a moody gotta have it my way bitch, don't clean up after myself, procrastinate and A says I kick her at night too. I can't think of any others to add to my list right now since that last glass of wine is making me buzzed but if A were making this list, I'm sure it would be a mile long by now. :)


Ms. Moon said...

Here. Come sit next to me. Comfy? Okay.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I bite my nails and am a sleep kicker, too.

Bethany said...

Mel, I know just what you mean. Glad you didn't get hit by a train. Talk about a walk up call. I do the same and rush around and am late and messy and ugh.
Go easy on yourself and try changing one thing. Maybe just get outside for a walk? I bundle up and go and they help me tons.
Or not.
Just saying, I hear you.

2momswithaplan said...

I have many of the same bad habits... why do we do these things to ourselves? I'll never know.

lesbo said...

it's easy for us to see our bad habits. always.

but what about the good ones?

Jude said...

I snore, fart, kick, grumble, don't do all things I need/should do. I did stop biting my nails because I knew it wasn't good for my teeth.

Lighten up on yourself Kid. Your good shit list is probably longer than your bad. I mean, come on, there's gotta be a cute smile that goes along with those pretty blue eyes.

There's 100,000 people out there in the world that would love to put you down, don't be one of them.

Now hug and be happy.

Queen of Ruckus said...

Now, now...take it easy on yourself!

I used to bite my nails, now I bite my pens! And I am obsessed with chewing gum. I guess you can say I've an oral fixation! (ba-da-bing!) Oh my...anyway...

See, I do the same thing when I get home: sit around, and then rush to get my stuff ready for work the following day. Tough habit to break but totally possible. I started changing it up, but today, instead of going for a walk, I'll swim around the block. ;) I think I am staring to grow gills!

Monkey Outlaw said...

My habits always seem to bail on me about bedtime with a little Ambien lol!