Friday, January 8, 2010

I Miss Green

The snow has lost its luster. It's been shovelled, plowed and trampled until now it is just piles stained black with sand and dirt. Gray landscape, gray skies, gray mood. It's dark when I go to work, dark when I come home; just a dull colorless world surrounds me. This morning the sun has made an appearance but it has done little to improve the situation. Everywhere I look it is just blah!

I'm not really depressed or blue. I'm just bored with my surroundings and craving the color change and variety of the other seasons. When A and I first bought our home I was never intersted in gardening or taking care of the yard. A liked that work and I was happy to let her have it while I focused on the indoor remodel. When our remodel extended into our yard I became more involved and we created a secluded outdoor patio space with flower beds that are constantly blooming in a variety of beautiful colors. We perused every home garden design magazine we could find for ideas and now get excited when the seed catalogs start showing up in our mailbox. Some may not consider it spectacular but to us it is peaceful and most importantly it is ours. We practically live out there all summer.

Every spring we return to fertilize, water and patch the dead and yellow spots created by the dogs. We know we're fighting a losing battle but by mid-summer the lawn is a lush green again. The neighbors must think I'm crazy the way I will roll in the cool grass with the pups climbing all over me.

Vacation is coming quickly and although it causes me a great deal of anxiety to prepare the house, dogs and petsitter for my absence, it will be a welcome sight to step off the plane and once again be surrounded by the intensity of all that color.


Bethany said...

Glad you have a warm place to look forward too.
I know just what you mean.
But the seed catalogs ARE coming and so there's hope!
Hang in there.
You will be rolling in the green with the dogs soon soon.
Your yard/patio sounds lovely.

Queen of Ruckus said...

Green! Yes! Green! I can see why you miss it... you're surrounded by snow and gray. Hey, I'd trade you any day! See, Mel, I too miss the green rolling hills, pastures... and the ocean. Instead, I am here in this all too brown desert were the only green I see is artificial. Yuck. Blame it on all of the golf courses I see. Girl, enjoy your vacation and the luscious REAL green that you'll see! Bon Voyage!

Jude said...

Your secluded garden area sounds perfect and I think it's wonderful that you both are work on it together.

I've missed my winter vegetable garden this year but got excited last week when two of my seed catalogs arrived in the mail.

Have fun on your green vacation.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Vacation sounds SO GOOD. I hope you two have a blast.