Thursday, June 17, 2010

"We could be sitting in a tent..."

A has a bad tension headache. We relaxed in the afternoon sun, I tried to massage her neck and head and we went out for a bike ride to get a little exercise. I finally sent her to bed with 1/2 a Percocet and several orgasms. Hopefully she will be better in the morning.
Now a little update from around our way. The first weekend in June when we took the RV on our maiden voyage. We were going to a small campground just over 60 miles from home. The weatherman was calling for 30% chance of scattered showers and when we left the house it was sunny and pleasant. No problem. Seven dog and two crazy women on board. Just an overnight to get a feel for the old buggy.

Since we were driving through the town where A's ex lives it was insisted we stop by so they could check out the RV. Just as we were leaving their house it started to sprinkle rain then as we headed east, raining a little heavier. Robyn decided at this moment all the excitement had caught up with her and she needed to poo. No problem, I'm prepared for it. She uses her potty pad and I yell to A to check her mirrors for cars behind us. All clear so poo out the window making sure it clears the side of the vehicle. Hey, squirrels, raccoons, birds and bear shit everywhere-what's a little dog added to the mix. I just didn't want it bouncing off some one's windshield.

We finally arrive and find a note on the office door to just go find a campsite and they will come around to register us later.  We are familiar with the place since we camped here many years ago when we had come down the river by canoe. The rain has stopped.  The critters and I are restless. I just want to pick a spot and get the crew out. A decides we need to drive around the entire place and nearly got us stuck in a mud hole the size of a small pond. A RV is not meant for that kind of shaking! A little bickering but a nice level spot picked and we quickly set up camp-just plug in. Hey this RV thing is easy!

We set up a huge exercise pen for the dogs  and hand them out one-by-one and take a look at the sky as it turns gray and starts to sprinkle again. Maybe we should unroll the awning for shelter. We've only done this once; the guy we bought the RV from walked us through it but that's been months ago. On one side the support bracket is stuck and it won't budge. A starts trying to pry it but then I'm paranoid that we may break something and then won't be able to roll it back up. We decide to fight with it at home in the driveway (and when we came home it opened with no problem). The rain is coming down heavier so it's the one-by-one hand-off of dogs back into the RV and the rain hits hard. A says, "Hey, we could be in a tent".

So what does a person do when stuck in a RV during a downpour with seven dogs...drink of course! Actually we ended up having a great afternoon. We just put on the music, poured our drinks, chatted about everything under the sun, played cards, arm wrestled. We ate lunch and then since it was still raining, our campfire chili was cooked inside on the stove.
The dogs love the fact they can jump up and sit at the table.
Goes down too easy...just like lemonade.
That evening the rain finally stopped and we were able to build a fire and hang outside for awhile. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no mosquitoes.
The one thing about travelling with my crew is fact that they draw attention everywhere we go. Later that night when the owner of the campground stopped by, he had already heard about "the two gals in the Winnie with all the dogs". I really just like it when we're alone but when you have have this many dogs, people are stopping and driving by all the time. It's something I have to get used to.                                    
This weekend, we're trying it again and taking four days to head south. A and I are going to her mother's hometown and the place where she spent many of her childhood summers.  The plan: just relax and go where the wind blows.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

You two have fun. It sounds great to me.

Man, all those dogs in a pen. I dig it. Laugh.



Jude said...

Sounds like your first voyage was a big success and lots of fun.

That weed come what's in the bottle doesn't look like what's in the glass?

Ms. Moon said...

I want to come along. Go where the wind blows. Hang with the ladies.
Can I?

crystal said...

I love this post! It sounds like you are having a blast! We just walked past a RV the other day and I told Rachel that I was jealous of your RV excursions with the zoo :)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

SB- Love you too lady. So many people find those numbers overwhelming. Now I'm just amazed when I look at my crew.

Jude-That's a combination of ice and additonal lemonade. I'm such a weak (cheap) drunk and usually start with about a thimbleful of alcohol and work my way up. :)

Ms. Moon-You are welcome anytime. All I ask is for homemade biscuits.

Crystal-We do have fun and the zoo animals really do travel well.

Jude said...

LOL...ok cheap date...nothing wrong with that.

So what's your license case I get behind or so I don't get behind you while you're throwing the shit out....hope you stop for A. ;)

Anonymous said...

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