Monday, March 28, 2011

This one goes to the dogs.

We had a beautiful weekend. There are the faint signs of spring around and even though it was still cool you hardly noticed with all that glorious sunshine. We made it outside to go walking and maybe I'll be ready for the 5K we're doing in 6 weeks. I've fallen behind in my walking/jogging the last few weeks considering both A and I have been under a funk; she had a nasty upper respiratory and I've just been in a blue mood. 

We started the weekend by celebrating Sia's 10th birthday. I know, I know....we baked a cake and added candles for a dog but what the hell, 10 years is a milestone for a little dog. She must be up around 50 in human years. Somewhere I have a conversion chart for dog to human years but I don't feel like finding it right now so I'm just estimating. No matter what, she's my baby girl and she and the others thoroughly enjoyed their cake.  

No frosting but they did get Reddi-Whip. I could apologize for my appearance in these pictures but fuck it! I just came home from an extremely long Friday and was in no mood to try to look presentable.

Friday Gizzy's doggy stroller arrived and we strapped in him for a test drive. With his bad knees he just can't walk as far as he used to. He was a little nervous at first but I think he will enjoy it and A gets to be the one shamed by pushing a dog in a stroller. 
Saturday we had to go do the dreaded grocery shopping. Ugh! There are few things I hate more. A buys me Starbucks and tries to keep me entertained and I appreciate all her efforts. At one point we were in the meat department and I spotted a middle-aged woman with really long hair. You know, the kind that is past their butt, straight and with ragged split ends. Whenever I see hair like that, I have an incredible urge to take the scissors to it. So much so that last year I almost ran a woman down in the Memphis airport to give her $12 and send her to Great Clips. A spotted the hair at the same time and muttered that it "would make a nice nest for 2 kangaroo rats". I immediately started to giggle and the more I did the funnier it got. We received a few odd looks from other shoppers. I mean we are two adults laughing so hard we have tears while standing next to the poultry. I know it was one of those things where you just had to be there and maybe it was all the caffeine and sugar in my vanilla latte but it's those little moments spent with someone you love intensely, who loves you back just the same that are so special. In situations like these, A almost always leans in and tells me how happy she is that at least I find her funny. Yeah, she makes me laugh like no one else.

The grocery store we frequent has a large (and over-priced) floral department and we usually cruise through to check things out. Over the years we've found some cute planters there that we have been able to closely replicate on the cheap. This day I found these beautiful blue orchids at an inflated price. 
I immediately thought of Bethany and how much she would appreciate these. Although I found them stunning, I can just picture one of the dogs running through the house with those blue petals in their mouth. Lets just say it wouldn't end well.

So we have just about 2 months until we go on our first "big" RV trip and Nipples to the Wind is still stuck in storage. It's too wet and muddy to drive it out of the storage shed and we really don't want to get that thing stuck in our friend's yard. Still we're getting anxious because we still need to un-winterize it, change the oil, get new wheels and tires installed and most importantly install a new stereo and speakers. I'm trying to be patient but just don't want to feel rushed/stressed trying to get things done on a deadline. 
Patience....that's what I must keep chanting to myself. Happy Monday.


Ms. Moon said...

What are you talking about? You are gorgeous! And A is too. You guys. I wish I could run into you in the grocery store. I really do.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I thought you looked great in the pictures. I love you two dames!

The dog carrier thingy is a nice idea.

crystal said...

I love the bday party pics, its look like so much fun!! I know what you mean about the grocery store, it can be so overwhelming that little jokes have the effect of just pushing you over the edge...the good one, not the "oh god, Im going to turn into a raging bitch soon" edge. Im glad A is there to keep you on the right side of that fence!! :)

ps: I like the new blog layout, very springy!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Thanks're too kind.

Sunday I must have had 6 different blogger backgrounds...I just couldn't decide. I narrowed it down to two and this one won just because of the black background; pictures just look better on black.

Deb said...

That #2 picture of you is gorgeous. I wish I looked that good after a hard day. lol

Love the blue orchids, ask Jess, she knows I'm obsessed with orchids.

Jude said...

You all are just a bunch of cutie patooties...nuff said.

Bethany said...

I was thinking the same thing. You are gorgeous. Wow, this was pretty fun for me to read down the page and find my name here as I was marveling at the blue orchid. Thanks for thinking of me. It made my night and I've been having a pretty crap time of it lately. You're so sweet Mel.
I've never attempted orchids either, too delicate for me and I can see the cats with the blue petals in their mouths too.
I just adore the pic of you with all the pups!!!