Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's the little things.

On Valentine's Day my dad called to wish me a happy day. He sounded really down and talked about how much he was missing his mother. They were always very close and he's had a difficult time since she died 3 years ago. I listened to him reminisce for awhile. He talked about her and how she was such a great cook/baker; the same stories I've heard a million times. Her applesause cake was always one of his favorites.

I pulled out the recipe box and found the envelope I stashed there several years ago. My aunt had sent grandma's original recipe card; so yellowed and smooth with age, I could barely read the faded handwriting. Luckily, my aunt had included a post-it to clarify a few instructions.

This past weekend I made that cake from scratch, following my gma's recipe and even made her homemade caramel frosting to top it. I've never made a cake from scratch and A didn't help me; well she did chop the walnuts.

I haven't tasted that cake in over 15 years but the first bite was like a flashback; back to the days of sitting in her kitchen eating as she fussed over us and cleaned up. I was shocked and amazed at how profound the memory was. I served it to dad and told him I did my best but I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as gma's. He said it was damn close and gma would have been proud. That was the best complement I could have received.

I can't remember the last time I saw my dad smile that much.


kuta Kharisma said...

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Ms. Moon said...

Now THAT is love.

Jude said...

Free fonts? wtf

That was the best story I've read in a long time. I bet more memories flooded back to your Dad with his first bite of the cake too. Nicely done Mel. No matter what people have told me about you; you got some big points with that one.

p.s. My Mom use to make that cake too but I don't have the recipe for it. You're lucky kid.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

How cute. You are a good kid.

Love, SB.

~seelenschmerz~ said...

i really like this make your grandmother's applesauce cake and allow your dad such sweet and loving :-)

Anonymous said...

初次造訪~安安^^ .........................................

Anonymous said...

awww! how sweet!

can you mail us all some cake?
oh. wait. I just quit sugar. no cake for me. dammit!

Bethany said...

Oh Mel, you're making me bawl this morning with your sweetness. Love this! Oh your Dad must've been in heaven. You're amazing, really. Wow.