Monday, February 15, 2010

Jamaica In Pictures Part 1: Our Resort and the Beach

You're going to get a lot of pictures in the next few posts. I took a ton but it's hard to pick just one or two to share.

A and I travelled to the Riu Resort in Montego Bay. It was a really nice place, all inclusive but very different than our last trip. Unless you left the resort you really didn't feel like you were out of the country, well except for the topless women on the beach. Don't get me wrong, we had a nice relaxing time but A and I like to go out and experience the culture. Our last trip we stayed in Ocho Rios and spent most of our days out in the town, eating at local restaurants and shopping in local stores. The Jamaicans were very friendly and helpful and we just made sure we were back inside the resort by dark. Montego Bay is much more urban and the resorts are built out away from everything. We were only there five days but I think many more than that and I would have been really bored. I'm not complaining though; it was warm and sunny and beautiful and we
had wonderful time together.

The view as we landed. I had been awake for 2 days with only a 2 hour nap.
A view of the beach and the resort. The day we arrived we met up with a Jamaician on the beach who went by the name of Tarzan. He offered to sell us weed and mushrooms. When we refused he offered us Jamaician husbands instead. A broke the news to him that we were not interested in "husbands".
The lobby. The best thing about check-in in Jamaica was they were pouring you drinks as they were getting the room keys ready. I was buzzed before I ever got to my room.
Another view of the pool area just after sunset.

We loved our room and the king sized bed that A nicknamed "The Playground". At night we sat out on our little balcony and watched the drunks stumble back to their rooms after the nightclub closed. I saw a couple good domestic disputes; mostly just drunk angry women yelling at their boyfriends/husbands. Every room had a bar area that is restocked everyday with beer, coke, water and alcohol. Dark rum, vodka, gin and whisky were supplied. Shots of Appleton rum certainly lowered inhibitions and increased the level of noise we made. ;) 

We spent much of our time lounging on the beach, drinking fruity frozen drinks and people watching. There were 2 swimming pools at the resort but why hang by the pool when you've got glorious beach. I figure I can sit by the pool here in Minnesota. Everyday at 10am there were aerobics on the beach. We never took part in that, hell no! The bar opened at 10am so we started cocktails/beers then lay in the sun crisping and waiting for the jerk chicken stand to open at noon. Everyday it tasted a little different; SO spicy but absolutely delicious. We sat on the beach in 90 degree temperatures with our noses running and then drinking frozen drinks and Red Stripe beer as fast as possible to kill the burn.

These tastey little cocktails they called "Miami Vice". It was a combination of strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, and blue curacao plus a healthy dose of both dark and light rum.

Everyday we watched "GroundsKeeper Willie" as he trimmed the shrubs with a machete and went about his other daily duties. Somedays he would bring a load of young coconuts and use that same machete to cut them open for anyone interested.

That fresh coconut milk was the one thing A had been dreaming about for months.
After we finished the milk the machete came out again to slice the coconuts in half to get to the soft meat inside. I never imagined that Cuban cigars,coconut and beer could be a good combination but A made it work for her.
The mother of the groom and I showing some leg on the beach.
A looks like she's up to no good. I have to admit she had just been very bad but you will have to wait until a later post for the details.
I love these giant palms. I wish I could get them to grow in our garden.

Every evening after dinner we went to watch a show or would go walking on the beach. The best part of this vacation was the fact that A and I have overcome so many of our inhibitions about being affectionate in public. We were always holding hands or hugging and there were even a few kisses involved. Hey, that's big steps for us. :) 


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Loved the photos. I am happy you two are have overcome your shyness in public. Love is lovely. Fuck other people who have hang-ups. That's their damn problem.

Sending love,


kaitlin said...

oh! that looks like a lovely time!
you can't go wrong with rum and sunshine!

Jude said...

Cigars? A and I would get along just fine.

And hurry up will you? I want to hear the story behind that shit-grin.

Ang said...

Wow it looks like such a lovely time. Thanks for sharing the pics

crystal said...

Thanks for sharing pictures, it looks like it was an awesome trip!!

Ms. Moon said...

I would only repeat what my dear Ms. Bastard said because she said what I am thinking.

tommy said...

Spectacular...looks like a good time. Honestly I have to comment on how the sun and sand seem to do wonders for A and yourself... remind me again why you are snow hell...haha... It's no Jamaica but if ya'll get in the mood to try out peace and quiet in Hatteras NC... just say the word... granted... no drinks will be poured on your arrival unless you're pouring them, its equally fabulous, lol... I'm glad ya'll had fun :)

Jen said...

OMG! B loves cigars too. She brought some along on our cruise.

Pics are AMAZING!!! And I'm so HAPPY you two have made some big steps in the public affection department. Life's too short, eh?

Bethany said...

Yay, hold hands and kiss away. Good for you.
Yeah, let's try growing those things in our gardens this year. Holy wow.
Great pics. Love your writing and adventure.
Weed and husbands, ha!