Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jamaica In Pictures Part 2: The Wedding and Boat Cruise

Originally, A and I were planning a trip to Costa Rica for this February, but when our friends announced they were getting married in Jamaica, we decided to post-pone that trip and head to the wedding instead. We were only guests so the only thing we had to do was show up. In fact, the morning of the wedding we were laying on the beach with the bride and groom and realized we didn't even know when and where the wedding was taking place.

They had a lovely and very intimate ceremony on the beach. Including the bride and groom, there were only twenty people in attendance. The bride walked down the beach to the ceremony with her mom to the music of a steel drum band.

A and I took one look at the location, looked at each other and said when the day comes we can be married this is how we both envision it. Looks like we already have our wedding planned. 

After the ceremony, we all enjoyed champange on the beach and danced to the steel drums. A tripped over a partially buried rock and thought she broke her toe. Of course there were a lot of photos to be taken.

A and I with the bride and her mother (F), who is one of our best friends.
We posed again with F under the arbor. We were laughing about the fact it looked like we were part of a harem.

We had a little time to kill before dinner so we left the beach and headed to the bar; cocktails and more pictures. A and I had a great deal of fun watching the bride's prissy aunt gasp when I reached over and took A's hand. Yes people, I only took her hand. Then it was off to dinner of steak and lobster. The food was great except the Jamaicans don't know how to cook a steak. I asked for mine well and they brought me a steak that was charred on the outside and still bleeding in the middle. No amount of alcohol could help me eat that! There wasn't a wedding dance, we just waited for the resort nightclub to open and then went dancing. In June they are planning a reception here at home for all the friends and family who couldn't attend. A and I get to do it all again.

Late night Friday then up early Saturday morning to go shopping. The bride had arranged for a taxi to take us. The driver gave us a tour of Montego Bay and taked a about their history and culture. He drove us through some of the market areas where the Jamaicans do their shopping. He dropped us off on the "The Hip Strip". There's a shopping mall near the resort but it's basically run by the resorts. Here there are lots of small shops to check out. They are all basically selling the same stuff but the prices are lower. We stocked up on the normal souvenirs and bought a lot of Blue Mountain coffee to bring home. I finally found a bottle of Ting soda. It is a grapefruit soda made in Jamaica; kind of like a Fresca but 100% better. I was so disappointed the resort didn't have any available. I was stand-by support for F as she bartered for a fake Coach purse. She walked away and they wouldn't go any lower. I offered to buy A this little gem for a souvenir from our trip, but for some reason she wan't interested. :)

The driver then took us to a craft market. Now that was the true experience! We got out of the taxi and were swarmed by Jamaican women all calling "come with me to my place". There are rickety shacks about the size of a large closet built up and down this hill with a maze of stone and concrete paths and stairs connecting it all. As you went into look at one place another lady would be waiting outside to take you to her place when you were finished. A loves to barter but I'm not very good at it. She's such a hard-ass and will walk away but I feel so guilty, like I'm ripping them off. I know they expect to barter and the first price is always high but I just prefer the more direct approach. I hate playing games. They cleaned us out on cash. :)

Back to the resort for lunch and beach time, then the whole group left again to go on an evening Booze Cruise/snorkel trip. We ended up getting on a catamaran with a group of drunk college kids from Georgia and Florida. I don't think they were legal drinking age for here in the US so their idea of drinking was to gulp as much as possible and then throw up. They just couldn't understand why the crew wouldn't let them have any alcohol until after the snorkeling. I had planned to face my fears of the ocean (I've seen Jaws too many times) but forgot to take my motion sickness medication and got seasick. I stayed onboard instead and took pictures of our group out in the water.

I could quote something very naughty that she said regarding this picture but I won't. ;)

Our good friends F and JK. Yes, he looks a lot like Elvis and actually performs as an Elvis impersonator.
The maid of honor had made this "Just Married" bikini for the bride. The groom didn't want to feel left out so he had a pair of bikini bottoms made that said "Me Too". I have to say it takes a very secure man to drop his drawers in public and strut around in women's bikini bottoms.
The cruise stopped at Margaritaville. Quite a few members of our group went down that slide.
A and most of our group took part in the $1 Margarita shots from the DJ.
Our group back on the boat happily buzzed.
The rum punch was very strong and since I was drinking on an empty stomach, I had a major buzz very fast! See I'm grinning like an idiot and look Chinese. That's the dead give away I'm drunk.


tommy said...

Permagrin...NICE...I'm jealous... I might have to add Jamaica on my list of to sees with Jen :) I'm glad ya'll had a friggin' blast... ya'll are so f'ing cute together and just reak of love :) Good times good times.

C.I.W. said...

omg- that looks SO freakin FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to look at those photos again and pretend I was there.

Also- cute hair-- for some reason I thought you had long hair... huh.

Okay- back to Jamaica in my mind...

C.I.W. said...

...the woman in the green is the mom of the bride?

my god.. did I read that right?

she looks as young as the daughter!

Jen said...

Looks like so much fun! I was on a booze cruise with my GRANDPARENTS right after I turned 18. Needless to say I got trashed. It was a great time.

And ya'll are too cute!

Ms. Moon said...

What fun! There's a Mexican grapefruit soda that I love and Mr. Moon found me some for Valentine's Day. Now you know I love that!
I'm glad to see such happy pictures of such happy, pretty people.

michael whyte said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for stocking up on Blue Mountain Coffee. I am a 3rd generation Blue Mountain Coffee farmer. Maybe some day you could buy directly from our farm. Glad you had a good time here.

Jude said...

You Lush! gotta luv it!

and I know you bought it ;)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The picture of you grinning is adorable. Your ass is photogenic.

Bethany said...

You guys are so stinkin cute.
Great photos and sounds like a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing.