Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Last Sunday A and I woke up groggy from my Christmas party Saturday night. We lay there in bed for awhile and A asked if there was something I wanted/wanted to do for Valentine's day. I told her all I wanted was a peaceful weekend at home; no appointments or schedules. That was my ideal Valentine's Day gift and that is what I got. 

Saturday and Sunday I slept in until the dogs woke me around 8:30am then lazed around the house in my PJs until I felt like getting in the shower. This morning A made us homemade blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup and we chased breakfast with Turkish coffee. We did venture out to do some shopping, go to the gym and to take a few photos of the freezing fog we've had the last few mornings. Everything is covered with it and when the wind blows it falls and you feel like you are standing in the middle of a snowglobe.

We got the dogs out for a run too. They have had such cabin fever; its been just too cold for them to spend much time outside. A took the old man down the street for a walk but he seemed a little confused by the landscape.
Orville in his play-stance inviting someone to play.
Tim joins Orv for a lap through the maze in the yard.
So it's back to work tomorrow and although it has been really busy I'm happy to report the bleach-blonde prissy bitch gave her notice and has been gone for over a week already. That makes work incredibly more tolerable; I would actually call it peaceful and pleasant. Now I must add a disclaimer and say I have nothing against blondes, bleached or otherwise but this one would argue she was "natural" when her roots were flashing at you.  It was getting pretty hard for me to restrain myself and stay professional. She was just one of the most truly unpleasant people I have ever known and just not a good person. I could not find one redeeming quality. The final straw was when she asked me if I knew someone she could call to "get rid" of her dog because she was tired of it. I have to admit, I had an almost uncontrollable desire to revert to my redneck, hillbilly roots. I could feel it bubbling just beneath the surface but somehow I held it back, never acknowleged her question and walked away. When she walked out the door for the last time, we looked at each other and sighed with relief. I would rather work harder than deal with someone like that. Here's to a peaceful and pleasant Monday.


aneke said...

Oh those pics are magical! I wish I could see that for myself

Nikki and Michelle said...

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Ms. Moon said...

Love the pictures, the reports of the delicious pancakes, the story of the departed pain in your ass.
Happy post-Valentine's. Glad you had a good one.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad that bitch is gone.

Jude said...

Those pictures look way too cold for my bones. Glad you had the perfect weekend.

Bethany said...

oh love these photos, happy winter dogs. their black and white fur in the snow is so cool looking. so happy you had pancakes and rest. and yipee yahoo for dog hater idiot woman. any person who asks someone a question like that is just nasty, selfish, heartless. good riddance.

Camlin said...

I love snow that clings to everything.

We had a holiday today. One more day of rest.

vixen kitten said...

LOVE your pics, especially your adorable furbabies! They are so cute.

The weekend sounded wonderful. I'm happy you had some down time, and am just out right jealous over your blueberry pancakes!


Jen said...

Love that you had an awesome weekend! And amazing pics. Where do you guys live again? Minnesota? (With the way our winter is going, those pics look like they could have been taken in New Jersey lol)