Friday, September 24, 2010

I need a new attitude...

...or at least a change of scenery. Actually, I've been feeling really tired and unmotivated. I started to get concerned when I went into work a couple days ago and one of my co-workers asked me how I was today. I gave a standard, "I'm okay" but I guess I didn't sound very enthusiastic. Her response was "Not again. You've been tired and down all week." I thought I had been carrying on pretty well. I don't want to share all the things going on in my life at work and when I don't have anything good to say, I find myself just being quiet. I feel irritable. I don't feel much like talking. I don't feel clever...or joking...or witty at all. I actually feel a little dull with a twist of negativity thrown in for fun. So I'm silent. Last night when A and I stopped to grab dinner while out shopping, I had to ask her, am I sounding really negative these days? She assured me that I've been keeping myself well under control. I guess maybe I'm just over-sensitive.

Last weekend we had a great time at our rescue get-together and then camped at a nearby state park. I had promised myself that I was going to relax, go with the flow and most importantly ENJOY my time with my sweetie. We had 109 dogs in attendance and raised over $2000 with our silent auction and donation table. It was cool and overcast, around 50 degrees, but at least the rain held off.

The woman who runs our "Half-Way House" brought 19 dogs to the party. These dogs come from the commercial breeder auctions to her kennel where they get their vetting done and then await placement in a foster home.
Farrah-I just love the expression on her face.
One of our rescuers brought her grandson and he was quickly covered in furry friends.
This hummingbird braved the crowds to get to the feeder. I can't believe how close it let me get. 

As the day went on I spent a lot of time hanging out with the dogs needing foster homes. A an I had agreed that we were only taking 6 dogs to the Black Hills this weekend and would not be adding another foster yet. But there was this one little girl who would tentatively approach me and then quickly move away. She would watch as I pet the others and you could see her trying to muster the courage to allow a touch. She would creep closer and flatten herself to the ground but then chicken out. She is so small; her coat so thin I can see her spotted skin. She has recently weaned puppies. Finally she let me touch and her coat is dry and coarse. Nothing like the beautiful silky coats chins are supposed to have. I picked her up and she stiffened into the typical mill dog posture. I held her against me and she slowly started to relax. I walked over to A holding her and I said nothing but I must have had a pleading look in my eyes. She turned red...then her ears went maroon to purple.  I still didn't say anything but she shook her head in agreement and admitted she had been attracted to this little one too. So meet Jill, our newest addition to the house.
She's progressing very well and by Monday morning she was playing and had found her voice.

While driving home Sunday, I asked A if she was angry at me for bringing home one more. I apologized but explained that I just felt defenseless against those eyes. Her response was, "Well now you know how I feel. I don't have a chance when you pull out those pleading eyes on me either." 


Ms. Moon said...

Well- be honest- did you really think you would come away without a new love?
I think not.
I hope your spirits lift soon. I really do.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hooray for A! I love you guys for being so kind. Jill got lucky.


tommy said...

What a great response from A. I'm sorry you've been having a "blah" kind of time lately... I thought I was the only one in Debbie downersville... lol. Keep your head up. Those are beautiful dogs...I'd be scared I'd get hooked and not be able to let them go to a new home...

crystal said...

These pictures are amazing, dogs everywhere!! I love the one of Farrah, she is adorable :)