Friday, October 1, 2010

"You don't want sex tonight because I'm too tired."

That is a direct quote from my beloved and probably the most memorable quote of our trip last weekend. We were driving home (all night) and all I said was how much I was looking forward to cuddling up with her in our comfy bed and that was the response I received. "Are you sure you said that right?" I asked. She swears she meant it exactly that way. Despite the fact that sleeping in the RV means separate beds, we had an absolutely fabulous time together; laughed and giggled and flirted and held hands like a couple of new lovers. Exactly what I needed to pull me from my funk and help me re-focus on my own life with my great love and our little family.

The "kids" (all seven of the little buggers) were wonderfully well behaved and travelled like old pros. As usual we attract a lot of attention wherever we travel with them. Not only are they kindda cute, but their numbers alone are enough to make people stop to stare. I imagine we resemble a clown car as we pass them out the RV door and place them in the pen. I have actually read the lips of observers; "just how many more dogs can they fit in that little RV?" People from all over the campground stopped by to check them out, what are they, are they related, etc. Always the same questions. After telling one elderly gentleman 3 times they were Japanese Chin and he continued to call them Shih-tzus, I gave up. Whatever.

I really do love fall camping and it was a wonderful escape from all the cold and rain we've been experiencing around here. We drove out to the Black Hills in western South Dakota and met up with A's aunt and uncles. See what wild and crazy chicks we are...we hang out with retirees. We packed expecting cold weather but found out where the sun has been hiding. It's been over 8 years since A and I travelled out that way and now I wonder why we waited so long. The landscape is so beautiful and there is so much history along with a few tourist traps to fall into. :) In the hills I found peace while watching the deer and antelope play (no really, I watched them) along with the not so wild herd of donkeys who come stick their heads in your car looking for a treat. We watched as they rounded up the bison; driving them in on horseback and with trucks.

One of the biggest tourist traps but a must see. We stopped for breakfast and 5 cent coffee.
A has a great conversation with one of the ladies of the night. Look at her trying to pick someone up right in front of me.
Poker Alice. We definitely look like we've been up all night driving!

The wild donkeys are not so wild...unless you have nothing to offer.

Close enough?

All that stood between us and a herd of charging bison.
Riding out to find the herd.
There were such crowds that the 45 minute drive to the round up site took over 2 hours.  We got up at 4 am to make it on time. 

Every where you look there were antelope. This group of females were in the middle of a dispute between rival males.  


Jen said...

Holy shitballs, that looks amazing!!! I wanna see that stuff!!! How far is that from you?

Ms. Moon said...

Thanks for taking us along.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love the photos. The thing about trying to correct the old fart about the breed of your dogs made me laugh.

I've was at Wall Drug when I was about 10 years old.

Love you both,


crystal said...

These pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing, it makes me nostalgic for home though....

kym said...

Thank you for taking me along your blog and photo journey, I feel like I was there. Great pictures and great post.

tommy said...

awesome. A may be my new favorite person and I don't even know her. lol. I'm glad you had a fabulous vacation, the pictures are amazing. Where have you been on facebook?

Jude said...

Beautiful country!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Jen, the area we went to is about 10 hours drive from our house...but it took over 12 hours in the RV.

SB, I doubt Wall Drug has changed much since you were there. Well except they finally retired old Trigger.

Crystal, that's right you're a ND girl...I've never been up there mostly because A spent time around Fargo in her youth and I suspect she may be wanted by the authorities. :)

Jude, is it any wonder we were cruising the real estate ads...we could easily live there.