Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Tucked Away

This past weekend we put the RV away for the winter. "Nipples to the Wind" (that's her official name) was tucked away in our friend's storage barn. A winterized it and covered every surface with dryer sheets to keep the mice away. Who knew mice didn't like the smell of Bounce. We were skeptical but other RVer's we know swear by it and anything is better that mothballs...YUCK! Our friend, the Elvis impersonator, gave us one hell of a deal for storage...2 cases of Michelob Golden light. A wrinkled her nose at the idea of Michelob (she's a home-brewer and beer snob) but said that was too good of a deal to pass up and Michelob is so cheap that she will throw in a couple more cases through the winter. It won't come out until at least March and then it goes for a new of shoes. Seems the tire size we need is discontinued so Winnebago suggested a full change over. These things always involve maintenance.

A hanging with her pride and joy.
It's strange to turn the corner onto my street and not see it parked in the driveway. Actually it's funny just to see the front of the house again. It makes the needed retaining wall repair and over-grown flower bed really visible. Guess I know what I'll be working on this weekend. 

This past Saturday I drove nearly 600 miles to deliver a little chin dog to his new adoptive mom. He was a great guy and barely moved most of the trip. He only raised his head once to look at me when I stopped for gas. It was such a long trip that A stayed home. I really don't mind the time all to myself and it was such beautiful weather that I would have felt bad if my crew at home would have spent the whole day indoors.
When driving across southern Minnesota there isn't much to see at all; just cornfields and wind turbines for miles. Gives a girl lots of time to just think.
I was supposed to only drive a few miles across the Wisconsin border to meet Ping's new family but about an hour outside of La Crosse, WI, I received a call they had car trouble and were at a truck stop. It was only an extra 40 miles so I went to meet them as they waited for help to come. No a big deal but I REALLY hate driving in Wisconsin. See I have a little affliction known as "lead-foot". It serves me well   here in MN but when I cross that border to WI, the state hwy patrol are just gunning for my MN license plates. Plus Wisconsin has those ridiculously low speed limits--my car just doesn't want to go that slow. I made it in and out of the state without getting busted but on the way home I floored it as soon as I hit the bridge crossing the Mississippi from WI to MN. It's all about making good time.


Jude said...

I saw those wind turbines today leaving Palm Springs then had a discussion with the Mrs about getting a wind kit and planting the much smaller version of a turbine on our roof. She doesn't realize yet how serious I am.

What? no heater in that Class C? (is it a C?) March will be here before you know it.

That's good to know that we can replace the cat with some dryer sheets.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

"Nipples to the Wind". I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that.

And I also love you and A. Girl, you know that shit is true!

kym said...

Love the name of your RV, that is fantastic, made me laugh.

What a cute dog!! Hope he's happy at his forver home now.

crystal said...

Im glad this little guy got a new forever home! I actually love driving through MN, I think there is something really wonderful about driving for hours with only cows and little lakes as company! :)

C.I.W. said...

naawwww.. we LOVE MN drivers in Wisconsin..


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Jude-we have a furnace in the RV but up this way most camping areas have ended their season by Oct 1st and are completely shut down by Nov 1st. I don't want to drive that rig in the snow and ice anyway.

SB- I knew you would love that name. Love you too!

Kym and Crystal- Ping's new mom was ecstatic to bring him home. In fact she just adopted a bonded pair of sisters a few months ago. They're just potato chips-you can't have just one. :)

Casey-You love that fact us speedy MN drivers have to pay all those speeding tickets...keeps your taxes lower. :)

Ms. Moon said...

It is NOT all about making good time. It's also about making good times.
And you do.

Bethany said...

oh my gosh, love the name! you guys are the cutest couple ever. love that pic of A so happy and free with her baby. nice to have it all tucked away, safely. such a cool ride. more adventures next year.

i love you for delivering that dog, and caring more about your dogs being able to be out than having some complany for the ride.

you rock Mel, in so many ways.