Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's in your bag?

Kym posted a blog Sunday asking this question. Really, for me the question should be what's not in your bag? A swears that if she were ever stranded on a deserted island, she wants my purse. Notice, she wants my purse, not me. :)  This is actually the down-sized version that contains only the necessities. I cleaned it out last week because it was causing me such shoulder pain when we were on vacation. 

I'm still carrying my very large and summery turquoise purse. I'm just not ready to switch to a darker, wintery one. Inside you will find:
  • wallet 
  • mp3 player & earbuds
  • cell phone
  • water bottle
  • a wide variety of keys, plus extra keys, plus RV keys, etc.
  • retainer, toothbrush, paste, floss and floss picks (can't live without those floss picks)
  • makeup, brush, eyeliner and mascara
  • Excedrin (my addiction)
  • hand lotion, hand sanitizer & Badger Balm (it heals my sore hands)
  • tampons
  • variety of lip glosses & lip balms (5-6 varieties/flavors)
  • a million ink pens-I wonder how many still work?
  • 1, 2, 3 packs of Stride gum
  • change purse
  • notebook
  • sunglasses
  • kleenex-with A's allergies I'm always stuffing some in her hand followed with a squirt of hand sanitizer
  • small pocket knife (thanks to my hillbilly relatives who believe I should be armed)
  • package containing a plastic fork, spoon, knife, napkin, salt and pepper---don't have any idea how that ended up there
  • my "lucky" buckeye
  • *not pictured* When we are out and about I usually end up with A's wallet too. And for some reason I was carrying around my last SIX pay check stubs along with numerous scraps of paper containing the phone numbers of who knows who and directions to who knows where. WTF!
This purse habit of mine is what keeps my chiropractor in business but damn, I just hate to be some where and not have what I need. :)


C.I.W. said...

omg. I am SO not doing this. You all will think I am crazy.

I like how you have many little purses inside your big purse :)

Jude said...

Mrs Jude just changed from her butter yellow to wine color purse. The switch over always gives her the opportunity to lighten the load. Not sure how good she did this time since I heard her mutter just yesterday, "This is still heavy!" I swear her purse could be used as a weapon.

I don't know what's inside her purse. I was brought up not to go inside a woman's purse. It's all very mysterious to me so thanks for sharing, I had no idea.

(as I was writing this, I felt a small tremor...I will NEVER go into a ladies purse now)

dolphyngyrl said...

I totally need more small bags for inside my purse. It's a train wreck.

Jude, my wife was raised the same way and you should SEE the panic-stricken look I get if I even suggest she just get something out of my purse. Strangely, this has not prevented her from stowing her things in there!

tommy said...

So can't play this blog game. I carry only a wallet and it's always in the pocket of my cargo shorts or in the console of my car. Though I think that if I really wanted to give Jen a wtf moment I could start by carrying a purse.. :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I have a lucky buckeye, too. The Daddums gave it to me. It's in my car.

kym said...

lol, holy crap you do have alot of stuff in your bag.
and the other commenters have fun responses to!
thanks for playing! :-)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Come on us your stuff.

Those little bags are "compartments" and a necessity when carrying a large bag.

A and I were also taught you should never go into someone's purse. A is always putting her wallet in there but is almost fearful to retrieve it. On the few occasions she's had to dig for something, she can never find it anyway. I will be driving and blindly put my hand in that purse and pull out the object. No problem.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Hahaha Tommy! I asked A to carry a purse once on our way home from a vacation. I laughed my ass off every time I looked at her. It so SOOO wrong!

vixen kitten said...

Damn Sunshine, that's a whole lotta pocketbook you have there!

I love, love, love this! Love seeing what others carry around!

I may have to "borrow" the idea!