Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm cold...

Let me truly express that... I'M FUCKING COLD! This winter seems to be worse than usual for me. I can't get warm, even when it's 72 degrees in here, I'm under the heating blanket and down comforter, snuggled up to A and surrounded by dogs. Add that heating blanket to my list of things I'm thankful for these days. My toes and fingers are icy all the time. Let's just say it like it is...cold hands are NOT sexy and no one wants to get frisky with a woman with frozen fingers. Well maybe some of you are into that kind of thing.

Friday afternoon we got hit with another winter storm. I was stuck at work until 5pm since I was closing. This is what it looks like to drive 25 snowy miles in the dark in white-out conditions. Yeah, that's the road ahead and my headlights.

Damn, did I get hell from A when she saw this picture! What was I thinking...why wasn't I watching the road? I told her I couldn't see anything anyway and instinct lead the way. Even in conditions like this, people are assholes...I actually had a semi flashing his lights behind me because he thought 25mph wasn't fast enough for my little car to go.

I got everything accomplished this past weekend that I had on my list and still squeezed a couple naps in too. I started Christmas shopping without stepping one foot in a store. I'm all prepared for the adoption Meet & Greet I scheduled at one of the pet supply stores next week. I've got to get some of this crew adopted. Even though I'm freezing, I was a good GF and went out walking with A; just bundled up in snow-pants, parka and boots and hiked through the snow pretending to enjoy myself. I can't spend all winter on the couch not moving no matter how much I really want to. I just keep thinking warm thoughts.


crystal said...

Yeah, I do not miss the upper Midwest winters!!! Good luck with your warm thoughts, I will send some your way! :)

Ms. Moon said...

I take long, hot baths. Go to Goodwill and buy some cheap cashmere. It's the coziest.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Like Ms. Moon, I take hot baths. I hate winter too. The Viking MADE ME hike in the snow in the park with him on Sunday. I thought I was GOING TO DIE. We are good girlfriends, GODDAMMIT.

I love you. Please send A my love, also.


Kym said...

Sending oodles of hot cocoa and warm fuzzy thoughts your way!!

Trooper Thorn said...

I recommend more fat and some body hair for heat retention.