Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late Nights, Holiday Overload and a Whole Lotta Heart

Another fucking snowstorm and 8 more inches added to the count. Actually, I've lost count and we're running out of places to put the snow. Our driveway is already a tunnel. Luckily it's a short work week and the count down is on for that generic repetitive Christmas music in the office to be finished. A and I have been up late for days and it's thrown my whole schedule off.

I'm not finished shopping for A and I think we may make it to Christmas again this year before opening gifts. Last year was the first in 10 years together that we actually made it to the holiday. I think the earliest we ever opened was December 19th and that year we were leaving on vacation the 26th and wanted to have enough time to play with our new toys. We figure we are adults and can have Christmas any damn time we want! I have yet to wrap any of A's gifts so that helps. She has gifts for me wrapped and under the tree. Too bad that one of the dogs, and we can only guess which one, grabbed one of my gifts while in a play frenzy this evening and tore the wrapping paper off. There was much cussing but I didn't see anything. I did buy myself an early little gift, these super warm homemade mittens.

They are made from old wool sweaters and lined with fleece. They are mis-matched and each pair is one of a kind. Did I mention how fabulously warm they are? My hands have never been so happy and A is sad to have lost her hand-warming duties.

We overloaded in holiday things this weekend with shopping, baking and I finally sat down and did my cards. I doubt many people will get them before Christmas this year and I really don't care...they will get them before the New Year. I've decided I'm not accepting any more complaints for the rest of the year. Mom and I baked cookies Sunday...and of course we always overdo it. Neither of us want all these to eat and since Dad and my brother are gone from the area, we don't have many places to get rid of them. I guess some traditions just don't die. I did make some special little bone-shaped sugar cookies for the dogs and put just a tiny swipe of frosting. That will be their holiday treat.
Saturday night A and I had a concert date. She had bought tickets to see Heart at one of the nearby casinos. We went up early to have dinner and maybe do a little gambling. I have to say that slot machines are the most boring thing in the world. Everywhere you look there are people with cards clipped to their clothing and inserted into those machines, just blankly staring and pushing a button hoping for the big hit. It looks like a scene from some weird sci-fi movie. We played poker which at least involved a little thinking even if neither one of us are very good at it.

I've never been much of a fan of Heart. When I was growing up they were into the 80's pop and ballads stage. A on the other hand, loves them as the 70's rocker chicks. She saw them when she was 16 and then we saw them at Lilith this summer. We were really close to the stage.

A was in heaven, jumping up and down like a teenager and I was amazed at how great they sound live. Saturday night we were not nearly as close but it was a smaller venue that only seats 1500 and there's not a bad seat in the house. It was great to just have a night out to flirt, cuddle and hold hands with my love.


Ms. Moon said...

I do not heart Heart but it sounds like a grand date and boy, I could use one of those.
I can't put presents under the tree because my dogs will piss on them. Last year I waited until the last second and still- the dogs pissed on them.
I am NOT in a good mood today but those mittens sort of make me a tiny bit cheerful about humankind.
And the idea of you and A having a lovely night, too.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I would eat the dog cookies, they look so good.

Happy holidays to you and A. I love you two.


crystal said...

I adore the mittens!!! And yes, the snow reports are not making the thought of the upper Midwest again all to appealing...
The concert sounds fun, I know what you mean about casinos and slot machines though. I just don't see the fun in staring at a machine, its like they turn people into machines!
Happy Holidays :)
ps: Im love the dog bones, Im going to add a tiny swipe of frosting to the next batch I make!