Thursday, December 2, 2010


Tuesday I got the call I was dreading. At lunch I checked my phone and had a message from another rescuer. I knew there was someone from Oklahoma interested in adopting Nifty. Looks like everything was in order and now it was time to get her transported.

We needed to get her to Iowa Thursday to hitch a ride which meant Wednesday evening I would have to drive her west to another rescuer's home. Then she was heading south through several legs of the journey to Oklahoma.

I was not prepared for this. I cry each time one of my fosters gets adopted; it's such a strange mixture of happiness and loss. Nonetheless, I have my cry and then I'm okay. But Nifty is different. First I'm really attached to her. I love all the dogs that come through my door, even the naughty Cassie (dog #8), but sometimes A or I will find ourselves especially bonded to one. Secondly, I have a hard time just handing a foster dog over to someone without getting a chance to meet and observe their new family myself. I really am a control freak. I just have so much emotionally invested in them, that I like to personally see them through to the end of the journey. If it were summer, I think A and I would have packed up the RV and delivered her ourselves. Nifty is one who has been in rescue for over 2 years and been through several foster homes. When she came here in July, I promised her that she wouldn't be moved again until she was going to her forever home.

Tuesday I spent the rest of my afternoon at work trying not to cry. I'm teary and bleary eyed and wearing a mask, so my nose is running. It's just not the best for working but I struggled through the last 3 hours. Then I came home and parked on the couch with Nifty in my lap and a box of Kleenex just sobbing. All the other chins are climbing up too--they get so concerned when we are upset or cry. A tried to comfort me...that just made it worse. She went to work out and give me my space.

Later that evening I checked my email only to receive a message that the transport was cancelled. I'm not sure if the potential adopter had issues or just lost interest but for now Nifty is still here with me. If the adopter lost interest, I'm glad she did before we up-rooted this dog again. I was excited and laughing as I read the email to A and she shook her head at me laughing, "Well you certainly just turned off the tears like flipping a switch".  So for now Nifty is here snuggling next to me and I'm not sure how long I have. I'm know I'm on borrowed time.


Ms. Moon said...

All those tears- wasted! I'm glad you got an extension with such a sweet little animal.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Can't you just adopt Nifty? I know you have a shitload of dogs already, but still--if it causes you this much upset. . . .

I could never do rescue or work in a pet store. I'd get attached and want to adopt everybody (except the reptiles).

Love you, doll.


Jude said...

I'm with SB on this one. Considering what you went through, is there ever a time when you decide to adopt a dog yourself?

vixen kitten said...

That was my question too. I mean...if Nifty is now a part of the family, why not just make it official?

*hugs* And thank you again for all that you do. I know it's not just the physical and financial. It's the emotional as well.


C.I.W. said...

that is why I was a foster dog mom only once. I cried and cried and cried when I had to drop jack off and THEN HE TRIED TO JUMP OUT OF THE CAR AFTER ME.

I still can't talk about it!

I hope you have lots of cuddles tonight from Nifty!!!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I always have the option to adopt a foster. That's how I ended up with Sia. I picked her up during a transport. Her name was Mockingbird then. It was love at first sight and after several months (she was older and no one showed any interest) we made it official. Popper has been with us for 15 months (he's older, male and needs a fenced yard) and I think he's as good as ours. Nifty would be #6 and A says NO!.

Maybe I got all my tears out.

I'm hoping for a local adoption. If I can take them to their new home, sit back, watch and wait until the dog is comfortable/distracted then slip out. That's the best scenario for me. I feel guilty for adopting an easily adoptable dog when there are so many seniors and special needs that have such a hard time being placed.

Deb said...

I have to give you muchos kudos, to emotionally invest in that way and then give them up to make another family happy. That takes a special person.