Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Wish Santa Would Have Left A Bottle of Pepto Bismol in My Stocking

I feel disgusting, gross, bloated and generally foul! I'm going to have to fast and detox before I can feel like myself again; too much food, too many sweets and too much alcohol. I'm thankful the season for over-indulgence is over. I'm pulling my fat jeans out and looking at the calendar-30 days until I need to be in a swimsuit. I'm still holding out the hope I may contract a good stomach virus.

A and I hosted 2 Christmas dinners this year. Our original plan was to make a small dinner on Christmas Eve and go spend the evening with her dad then Christmas day here with my family. Of course the midwest was nailed with a massive snowstorm and here in Minnesota we were not spared. Dinner with her dad was rescheduled for Sunday. Christmas day my family's dinner went off without a hitch. Whew! Today we had our dinner with A's dad. Our small dinner for 3 or 4 mutated into dinner for 12 which left A and I scrambling a bit at the last minute to make sure we had enough food for everyone. I will admit I was a bit annoyed by the fact that some people invited themselves and didn't offer to help but just kept chanting, "It's the holiday and I will be generous to my GF's family."  It doesn't help that there has been underlying tension between some members of her family and I since the beginning. Those stories are best saved for another post.

A and I set a new record and lasted until December 23rd before we opened gifts. I have to make a confession: this is our 11th Christmas together and we have NEVER made it until the actual holiday. One year we actually opened our gifts on December 19th. Our rationale-we were flying out for vacation on December 26th and we needed time to play with our "toys". Another year we opened gifts before we were finished shopping. The next day we went shopping again, came home, wrapped gifts and immediately exchanged and opened them. Santa was good to me this year and in addition to my computer desk, I received books, movies, clothes and new PJs.

We spent our holiday shovelling and snowblowing. Thankfully the temperatures were pleasant and we could be out working and playing in the snow. I actually don't mind these days when it's the just the two of us with the dogs. The snow is higher than the dogs so there are paths that need to be dug in the backyard so they have an area to relieve themselves. A is such a good mama and actaully digs out mazes for them with little "rest areas" along the way. We had such a blast running the maze and having them chase us. This photo is what happens when you are standing on the deck taking pictures of your gf working and the snow blows off the roof into your face. That's what I get for not being helpful!

Part of the maze in our yard.

A and Timmy out for a run.

Our foster dog on the run in the snow.

Sia tries to help A make snow angels.

Our little girl, Sia, had snowballs in her fur but had an incredibly good time.


vixen kitten said...

Your pups are so adorable! I think it's great that A makes them a potty area. I did the same thing this week!

Sorry about the tension. Maybe now it will just go away. One can hope huh?

I'd love to know your detox system. I use Renew life, but am always willing to give something else a try.

Hope your day is beautiful.


Mel's Way or No Way said...

vk- actually it would be the first time I ever detoxed. I just keep thinking about how much better I felt the 6 months prior to Thanksgiving.

Ang said...

I love the pics...things well get better.

crystal said...

The maze is such a good idea, I always just made my dogs trample through the snow!! I know the snow caused a bit of a holiday headache to all you midwesterners...but I really love seeing all the pictures, makes me miss home! It looks like you had a great holiday even through the blizzard :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad your holiday turned out okay. I'm just fucking glad it's ALL over.