Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

To my extreme disappointment the inflatable decorations survived the blizzard conditions and high winds. Last night I looked out and the penguins were on their backs rollling around on the front lawn held down by 2 or 3 little stakes. The snowman looked like one of those clowns you punch and it always pops back up. I told A I just knew they were going to be gone when we got up this morning. I had convinced myself that one 50mph wind gust and they would be gone forever; found in the spring stuck in someone's tree.

This morning we pulled ourselves out of bed at 6am and found 8 inches of snow,  -20 degree windchill and those damn penguins were still there. They were even upright again. Well, it never hurts to have hope, right?

We had 3 foot snow drifts on our street so neither A or I went to work. We shoveled shitfields for the dogs and A made them paths all through the back yard. I don't know why she bothered because the little brats didn't want to go outside anyway. We just hung out, drank tea and took an afternoon nap. Not bad for a snow day. Back to reality tomorrow.


Jen said...

Where the hell do you live? That's nuts! But yay for snowdays!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

A snow day! Lucky you.

My dog would just crap on the covered porch. No more dogs for me when this one is gone. Too much work. I'm a cat kinda chick.

Love you. Have fun in the snow.

We just have a light dusting here in Buttfuck, Ohio.

CJ said...

We got sixteen inches and today it is below zero. I have no idea what it was with the windchill yesterday. Ash got the day off and I got the morning off....I love snow days, but I still hate snow and shoveling. Oy, shoveling!!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Where the hell are you? We need a post!