Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Wonderful Day

A and I gave up another Saturday morning sleeping in to head out on the road to help with a dog transport. It was time for me to come out of my hiatus and get back in the saddle. I had backed out of rescue since my father's cancer diagnosis but have missed it, the dogs and the wonderful and somewhat quirky people I work with. We were transporting four dogs from Sioux Falls, South Dakota with new homes waiting in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

It is the most fun, rewarding experience to bring a dog to their new family. The adopters are so incredibly excited to finally meet the newest family member and it is such a joyful, up-lifting sight. I've met the most kind wonderful people. I've had complete strangers hug me with joy and a couple try to stuff a tip in my pocket. I always decline tips and my only request is to get a picture of the dog with their new family. I have a photo of every family I transported a dog to. I actually have pictures of every dog I have transported and everydog who stopped over at my home. Everyone of them is special to me, even if they only spent a few hours in the car or at the house with me. As far as tips, I encourage them to donate to the rescue. I always remember that someone transported my dogs many miles so I could bring them home. It's one small thing I can do to return the favor.

The adoptive family fron Minnesota drove to meet the rescuer from SD and pick up the newest member of their family. Then A and I took the other three with us. One little lady was so sweet  and calm we brought her in front with us. Her name is Delilah and first she rode on A's lap, then she rode on mine. She finally settled on A's coat between the front seats. Then we had the cute boys, Angus and Jimmy riding in the backseat. The two cuties just spooned and slept. They were all great riders. Once we crossed the Wisconsin border, we stopped so everyone could take a potty break.

This is Delilah riding between us.

Me and Jimmy

Me and Angus
We then headed on to meet the next rescuer near LaCrosse, WI. She was headed back to Madison, WI where two dogs would meet their adopters and another rescuer would pick up the third dog to deliver to its new home in Illinois. It is bittersweet to once again hand these sweet little bundles over to someone else, but I am satisfied tonight knowing they are sleeping in their forever homes. We drove over 400 miles today but got the most amazing puppy kisses and got to spend some much needed quality time together. When I got home there was a bonus too. While were were running across the southern part of the state, an adopter in the Twin Cities went to meet two dogs and decide which one they wanted to bring home. They couldn't decide so they adopted both. I think six adoptions in one day isn't too shabby!

There are such amazing people out there working; trying to make the lives of these dogs better. Some are a little unusual, some come across as bitchy or controlling but ultimately they have the animals' best interest at heart. I think some have become hardened and a bit callous from dealing with people who don't understand what they are trying to accomplish; those who expect them to just hand over a dog without checking anything out. I don't think I could deal with getting some of the hateful emails and phone calls from rejected adopters that I've heard about. I guess I enjoy the easy and fun part of rescue. My skin is just too thin!


vixen kitten said...

**big hugs** for both you!

Thank you so much for what you do to get a few more into a forever home. I appreciate the hard work and the dedication you both give.

I love that you take a photo with all your dogs. I rescued Honey when she was 7 months old. Just a few days ago, I was put in touch with someone who helps out at the shelter where she was born. They provided me with the only "baby" photo I have of her! I cried when I saw it! It was a wonderful gift.

Thanks again for giving up the extra sleep and making such a difference in the lives of so many.


CJ said...

That is really awesome. People like you make the world a better place! And sorry to read about your Dad's diagnosis. Hope you are all doing ok.

shane rocket said...

yeah for the pups! cheers to you for doing good!

Bethany said...

Oh, I got goosebumps reading this. What an important thing you do. The dogs are adorable. I know just what you mean about rescue people, but you are right, they just get so tired and overwhelmed. People are so demanding and expect what they want when they want it, since they can just go but a pup in a pet store, no home checks, etc... It's so wonderful when it all falls into place. 6 adoptions is not too shabby at all, it's miraculous!

Ang said...

Awesome six adoptions in one day....I love this post and the pics. They are adorable. :)

Queen of Ruckus said...

Mel, that's awesome! I love the fact that you care so much about these adorable dogs. Poor things deserve a second chance at happiness and love and you play a huge roll in that! Kudos to you, Ms. Mel! Seeing all those adorable pups makes me want to adopt one. :) Love the pictures too!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

So nice of you to do this.

Love, SB.