Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a Major Award!

I'm such a slacker. I was awarded this Beautiful Blogger Award last week by two wonderful bloggers; the incredible Jude and the lovely Crystal. A big thank you to you ladies-it's my first award and I will cherish it always. :) Too bad I will just never understand why anyone wants to read about my life but appreciate all of you who keep coming back around.

I guess there are rules the recipient of the Beautiful Blogger award must adhere to:
1. I'm supposed to thank the person(s) who gave me this award.
2. I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself. I assume this must be things I haven't shared before.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers (holy shit!) I have recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Contact those bloggers and inform them of their award.

So let's get down and dirty and see if I can find seven facts to share.

1. My childhood nickname was "little-fuzz" or "fuzzy". The name was bestowed on me by my grandfather when I was less than a week old and has followed me into adulthood. Many members of my family still refer to me by that nickname. When I hit my teenage years it used to embarass me but now I embrace it with great fondness since it always reminds me of the special relationship I had with my grandfather.

2. I was married for several years (to a man). It didn't work out because he had bigger issues that he refused to deal with. He was a good guy, but just a lost soul and I have no bad feelings toward him.

3. My favorite vegetables are brussel sprouts (coated in butter and salt-yum!) and peas but I can't touch a carrot or celery without gagging!

4. I seldom discuss religion but I would consider myself agnostic. I grew up very religious but I have a problem with most organized religions. I been witness to way too much hipocracy in the church through the years. I find so many of the rituals empty and consider most of the Bible mythology. I don't usually discuss my views with my family-I think my mother would throw herself down and start praying for my immortal soul. I don't care to witness that one!

5. I was an extremely shy and introverted child. I usually had my head in a book and I've always had trouble making and maintaining friendships. I've overcome much of my shyness but I'm still a very guarded and suspicious person and have a hard time opening up to new people. I know many would say I'm not because of the things I share here, but there's that personal distance and I only really share what I want others to know. I also have trouble re-connecting with friends from the past. Just yesterday my bestfriend from childhood (2nd grade through high school) called and left a message stating she has been trying to find me for 10 years and asked me to call her back.  Have a I done it yet? The sad thing is I haven't yet for reasons I don't really know. Tomorrow, I'm forcing myself to take that step though.

6. I grew up very poor and very rural. The house I grew up in was the same house my mother grew up in. It was over a 100 years old. We heated our home with coal and wood-burning stoves and didn't have running water (but we did have electricity). During my childhood I was always ashamed of those things but now I know I had a very unique upbringing (for a person my age) and realize that very much shaped the person I am today. I consider my life very privleged now and truly believe that simplistic upbringing made me a down-to-earth person.

7. My personality is a mixture of OCD and slob. How is that possible, you may ask? With my work and some things around the house I'm a perfectionist with OCD tendencies. During working hours everything has to be in its place, at home all home-improvement projects, tools and yard projects have to be perfect and I will re-do things until I'm satisfied. Then I will toss my clothing and shoes in every corner, the laundry can never make it into my dresser, my closet is a disaster, my coat on the floor and purses are everywhere. Poor A just shakes her head and wonders how I can have such dual tendencies.

Now I must choose those to pass this award to. I guarentee it will not be 15. I love breaking the rules. ;)

Queen of Ruckus- She's great if you can catch her not on vacation and pull her away from her new GF long enough to get a blog post out of her these days. (hint, hint)

Ms. Moon- I love her common-sense wisdom and hippie ways. I envy her life with the chickens and garden plus the neverending soap-opera of the chicken coop.

Bethany- She so eloquotely writes and shares her life (and her gardening). She has a soft-spot for all living creatures (even earthworms) and rescues bunnies. You know I love that!

Jen- She is a truly inspiring woman who has went through the most incredible heartbreak in the last year but always pulls herself up, carries on and has never given up on finding love and happiness. I have great respect for her strength of character. Plus, she has some pretty hot sex when she shares.


Ms. Moon said...

Thank-you, so much honey. I will try very humbly to continue to relate the goings-on in the chicken house. And so forth.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I loved learning more about you, Mel. This was an interesting post.

Bethany said...

Gee I almost missed this. I've been a bad blogger and blog reader lately. Thank YOU (I loved what you wrote about me)! I love your list. Congrats on the award. You deserve it. I am too lazy to do it properly. But I think you ROCK!

Queen of Ruckus said...

Mel! THANK YOU!! AWWWWW! Yes, you are right; if I could only stop taking "mini-vacations" and pull myself away from my new girl, then yes! I would be blogging with more frequency. ;)

On another note: I will be moving to WordPress REAL soon. My blog has some sort of "pop up" disease, and well, I have tried to get rid of it and I can't. So, bye bye Blogger, Hello WordPress! I'll let you know when I have set it up! :)