Sunday, March 7, 2010

The weekend isn't over yet, is it?!

Whoa, this weekend is almost over, I'm facing an incredibly busy, balls-to-the-wall week and I'm more exhausted than ever! Tonight is A's last night of  petsitting and tomorrow she will be home with me. I can't wait!!!! I've seen her everyday but it's pathetic how dependent we are on each other.

Saturday I had to work a booth at the local business expo. I had the joy of standing around greeting people, handing out freebies and representing our clinic. Really that means that I had to fake friendliness and interest 6 days this week instead of 4-5. No wonder I feel exhausted. Since I had this commitment, A went that morning to meet one of the other ladies we work with in rescue. She had some dog food for us and other donated items. When A got there the lady asked if we would be willing to take on a 6 month old foster puppy. She had this little girl and her sister and wanted to get them separated before they became too bonded. A calls to talk to me about it but I could tell she had already made up her mind to bring the little girl home. She had called me to talk her out of it. Yeah, right! Like I'm the one to call. This brings us up to 6 dogs-4 of our own and 2 fosters.

Her name is Jayna and she's up for adoption! *hint, hint, wink, wink*  She really is a sweetie but then again she is a puppy and not well liked by my calm, older dogs. She is friendly and at her age she will be adopted quickly.

This is what happens when you try to take pictures of a curious, hyper puppy. First she attacks my camera strap then smears her wet nose all over my lens.
Looking cute. This will definitely be a good Petfinder picture of her.

After I finished the business expo I went to meet A and go for dinner. We went out for Indian food and since neither one of us really knew what we wanted we ordered a dinner for two that offered a variety of dishes. I have to say I enjoyed everything except the lamb. It was good but I've never been a fan. Then it was back to the ex's house for some fuckery. The ex's wife ChiChi works with this woman Sue that they refer to as the work wife. She follows ChiChi around like a puppy and originally was the one who was going to pet sit. We had been teasing them that while they were gone Sue was going to cut Mimi's head out of all the family pictures and insert her own. We decided to print off a few pictures of Sue from Facebook and tape them over Mimi's head. We only did 3 so I wonder how long before it's noticed.

Today I was up early, did 3 loads of laundry and gave six dog baths before taking a shower myself and heading out for my nephew's 10th birthday party. At least 10 year olds are past the Chucky Cheese stage. That fucking singing mouse gives me nightmares. We went bowling, played laser tag and video games. Not a terrible way to spend an afternoon.

By the way, for anyone interested, A and I did the deed in the ex's bed. ;) Honestly I doubt we would have if ChiChi had not made it a point to tell us not to. Let me say, spite sex is really great and we swore it will remain our secret...for now.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I would have done the deed, too. You are doing that bitch a favor watching her pets. I say go for it!

Love you.

2momswithaplan said...

Sex in the ex's bed = AWESOME!

That puppy is adorable - I'm positive that she will find a home very soon. Heck, I would take her if I didn't already have a house full. ;)

Queen of Ruckus said...

Oooh, yeah, Mel! Rock on with yo' bad self! Sex on the Ex's Bed!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Three cheers for your guys. haha! Awesome.

OK, Jayna is adorable, and she will be adopted very soon. :) Yes, use that picture of her looking at the camera on petfinder and she will find a good home faster than you can read this comment. :)

Ms. Moon said...

Oooh. I'm gonna tell.
Wait. I have no idea who I'd tell and furthermore, I'm a real ain't-nobodies-bidnezz-what-I-do kinda of person.
So, yeah, your secret's safe with me.
Now as to the puppy- just go ahead and sleep with her because you know she's going to be with you forever.

Nikki and Michelle said...

nice weekend, the puppy is so cute I (Nikki) only have one dog i plan to get her a friend once i more have more space Im sure jayna will find a home fast.

Monkey Outlaw said...

The deed is always sweet revenge ... but in the bed is CANDY CANDY filled revenge! You go! Puupy is sooooo cute ... have new carpet and I want one to bad ... but the price would be to give up the deed I believe LOL!