Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

The rain clouds blew out last night and took my blue mood along. I will admit that yesterday I was a bit sad to learn my baby brother is definitely moving away. I will never admit it to him though and will continue to be helpful and supportive.

Thank you for those who commented on my post about the childhood friend. Today I'm fine and no longer worried about trying to re-connect with people I no longer have anything in common with. I don't  know why I even wasted my time thinking about it. If she calls me again I will be polite but have no desire to become best-friends again. I did tell A that the next trip we take back to my hometown we are definitely going to stop for a visit though. I'm too nosey for my own good and I want A to experience it too.

This morning A and I slept late (with means about 8:30am). We had a hot cup of Blue Moutain coffee, watched The Soup and then went to brunch at the new mexican restaurant that opened in this town last month.  The Juevos Rancheros were great and we just enjoyed talking, flirting, holding hands and being together. Those are the things that bring the sunshine back into my life.

We went shopping and A helped me pick out new undies at Victoria's Secret. She is the one who had so much fun picking things out. I told her right away I was looking for my comfy work panties. I have to change in front of how many people everyday at work and I need full coverage. She just kept bringing me those lacy things. I finally submitted and bought one pair of her choosing. ;)

Oh, and why do they make it such a pain to upgrade your phone? If mine wasn't on its last leg I would have told them to fuck off!

A brought up the fact that my birthday is coming up in a couple of months and asked if there was something special I wanted to do this year. Then she asks if I would rather have the lovely (and somewhat expensive) purse I had been admiring today or a powerwasher. Now a powerwasher is a nice thing to have but I have to weigh the choices and decide what I would enjoy more. The purse...I'm definitely going for the purse.


Ang said...

Good call on the purse and I am with you on figuring out why it is such a pain to upgrade phones.

Jess said...

SOUTH DAKOTA?!? Do people actually LIVE there?! I thought it was just one of those states they threw in to make learning the states harder. WHO KNEW?!? So sorry to hear though and VERY happy you had a delightfully sunny day and congrats on the new phone! Yes, HUGE pain in the ass!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'd go for the damn purse, too. Hands down.

Happy early birthday!



Jude said...

You need full coverage because you do what, how many times??

Oh and power washer for sure! pfft for even asking.


jelly said...

The purse for sure!! :-)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Thank you smartass Jude for pointing out the error in my typing. I should explain that I go to work in my PJs, then have to change into my scrubs in front of approx 8-10 women therefore I need full butt coverage undies :)

And yes SD is a real place and a beuatiful place to visit too. There's lots of history and scenic beauty. I love to go camping there-no mosquitos!

Anonymous said...

Purse for sure! Glad you had such a relaxing day :)

Ms. Moon said...

Thank goodness you're going with the purse. A power washer may be nice but it is NOT a good present. In my world, anyway.

Jude said...

Hi, I'm a friend of that fantastic person Jude and I'm putting my vote in for the power washer because it looks like that choice needs more support. Anyway, tks.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Smooth Jude...very smooth. :)

Bethany said...

sounds like a fantastic day.

hm power washer or purse? funny funny!