Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Back In Baby's Arms

The first Peony of the summer.

Friday I came home from work very happy to finally see my sweetie. I think I just crawled on her lap and wrapped myself around her. You know those moments when you just inhale their smell and love the feel of them against you. It just felt so nice to be close and feel the calm she brings to me. Everyday I come home from work and when she hugs me, I feel the entire day just melt away and I'm happy and at peace. I hope I have the same effect on her.

Thursday evening she came home late again, we ate a quick dinner on the patio and I decided to follow some good advice and offered to relieve our stress with a romp. She apologetically turned me down and 10 minutes later she was asleep in the patio chair with her beer getting warm. I was not offended of course. It's not as if I've never turned her down. It was a rough stressful week and she had little to no sleep so I put her to bed, did the dishes, fed the critters and went to bed myself.

On Friday we went out to dinner and I couldn't help but take the opportunity to have a little fun at her expense.
Me: "You know babe, last night was the first time in our relationship that you've ever turned me down."
A: *gasp* "OMG, that's right! I'm so sorry, baby. I feel so bad."
Me: "Well I suppose I'll get over it eventually....I guess this is just the beginning."
A: "What do you mean? Beginning of what?"
Me: "Well menopause...I suppose now that the hot-flashes have started you will likely start losing interest soon."
Well that really got her going. She was sputtering and muttering about not being old or losing interest. I let her go on for awhile before I kissed her and told her to shut it. I just LOVE getting her wound up...and she shouldn't make it so easy for me to push her buttons.

Saturday A and I volunteered to do a Meet and Greet for our rescue at one of the pet supply stores. One of our representatives from the Twin Cities, Mary, came to help since it was my first time setting one up and she had all the supplies, including extra dogs. I'm thankful she was able to come since A (who was on-call this weekend) had to go into work for a few hours and totally missed the entire thing. She felt terrible but I know how it is; on-call weekends means I don't make any plans I can't handle myself. It was a productive day though and we had several people come in to specifically check out the dogs. I think we have 2 strong applicants and another possible; not bad if 2-3 dogs out of the 5  representing find homes. The staff was great and we were invited to come back another day.

I was excited to arrive and see they were expecting us.

After several hours the dogs were exhausted and tired of looking cute.
This is Saydie, a sable chin. She was the odd-ball of the group.

A's ex, Mimi and her wife ChiChi, knew we were in town and invited us over for dinner afterwards. I had not been to their house since we did the deed in their bed and I haven't seen ChiChi since the night she was drunk and told me how hot I looked in that black dress I wore for my office Christmas party and how she was putting me on her "freebie" list. I think I jumped back 5 feet and just felt yucky all over. I now had to go to their house on my own since A was just leaving work and wouldn't arrive for 30 minutes. I survived though and everyone behaved themselves and we were roped into taking their 5 year old daughter to see Shreik next weekend. How do we manage these things?

It's hot and humid this morning and I was happy to see our first iris of the year had bloomed this morning too. Now I must run and get myself ready for work. Happy Monday!

Holy shit, I just gave the guy reading our meter a boobie show!!! I don't know which one of us was more horrified. :)


Ms. Moon said...

And happy Monday to you, too! I love reading about you and A and your adventures and misadventures. Y'all make me happy!

Jude said...


i just might want to become a meter reader now.

StarGazer said...

I agree with Ms Moon, ya'll make me so happy :)

I loved reading about how you still love each other so much after all these years, and how you still want her so close. And you are hilarious! messing with her at dinner lol.

and wow, a little creepy that her ex told you you're on her freebie list hahaha. just.... wow.

And I think sadie (if I'm remember her name correctly) is my favorite! I love her coloring, the red one. I'd adopt her in a heartbeat if I could!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Chichi? Whaaaaaa? What kind of damn name is that? I call my boobs, chichis.

Ang said...

Great blog!! I love the pictures of the flowers and the pups. LMAO and the meter man story.

jelly said...

lol, the meter reader had a fun day by the sounds of it.

omgish those dogs are so sweet looking!!

ugh, hot flashes, i get them and they really are the pits.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Ms Moon-Thanks,I'm glad you enjoy our adventures. There are more to follow soon as we are planning our first camping trip.

Jude- 4th of July is coming and then the show is free to the public. ;)

Stargazer-Yeah I know the ex's wife thing makes for a weird dynamic.

SB-Hahaha! Everytime I call her ChiChi it makes me giggle. She would sooo kick my ass if she knew.

Ang-I'm glad I could make you laugh today. Keep smiling.

Jelly-Send your address and I'll ship one of those cuties to you.