Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend in Pictures...Cuz I'm Too Lazy to Write

After over a week of cold, damp and rainy weather finally the sun came out. Isn't it amazing what a difference it can make? I feel like myself again. We spent most of our time outdoors just soaking up the sun and taking care of the yard.
The philox are blooming.
The Lily-of-the-Valley bulbs I planted over a year ago finally grew this sping and bloomed. I was sure the squirrels dug them up over that winter since they didn't grow at all last summer. I was pleasantly surprised to see them peeking through the soil this year. They have the most wonderful scent. 
My hostas are thriving also.
Caligula has kept watch over the flower beds for several years already. Last summer I glued a rhinestone in his belly-button (just to gay him up a bit) but it was missing this spring.
This year we added a lobster we found on clearance last fall.
We had not taken the dogs out for a ride in the RV yet so we decided to head out on a little road test. We loaded up everyone, including the newbies, and gave them a little time to check out the interior. Then we gated off the driver's area and headed out on the road. A was driving while I had doggie duty on the short 14 mile ride.
5 of the 7 on the rear bench.
Sia watches the world pass by out the rear window.
The old man, Giz, was nervous in back but once I put him in the passenger seat he settled right in like he had been riding there for years. Looks like he beat me out for riding shotgun. I'll have to pick up a special seat so he can be harnessed in for safety.
There are actually 6 dogs in this picture. Can you count them all?
Saturday evening A made margaritas (thanks Jude for the recipe) and built a fire. We sat out until well after dark and just enjoyed each other's company.
Since the bugs love me so, A had the tiki torch ready and I'm not quite sure what she was planning to do with the garden weasel.
Even the old cat Stink joined us.

Sunday we had a bridal shower to attend. Our friends were married in Jamaica in January but will be having a small family ceremony in their church and then their large reception in just a few weeks for their friends and family who were unable to attend. The mother of the groom had a special surprise gift for the bride and insisted that A and I be there when it was opened. 
When the bride opened the box there was Dirty Harry (the 18 inch double headed dildo A had given the bride for her bachlorette) buried in sand.

 The bride gifted it back to us in Jamaica and A and I buried it on the beach before we left. We were convinced that it would never be seen again. To our surprise the parents of the groom dug him up as soon as we left the resort and packed him back to the U.S. The funny part was the groom's father (who is around 65 years old) rolled it up in a towel and packed it in his carry-on for the trip home. At the airport his bag was searched, they pulled it out, un-rolled it, dropped it like it was a hot potato and quickly shooed him through security. I wonder what they thought when they saw these two 60-something grandparents carrying something like that around?  I'm sure they were they were the talk of the breakroom that day!


Jude said...

You start off with pretty flowers, go for a ride, have a drink(s) and end up with dirty harry! You.R.Funny

And what a security story...OMG! That's why I pack the toys in the Mrs bags.

Ms. Moon said...

Great weekend post! Love it! The doggies look so happy and me? I'm just glad that Mr. Dildo came home and is being useful again and is not wasting away under the sand somewhere in Jamaica.

C.I.W. said...

I love lily of the valley (May Bells)!!!! And the hostas are beautiful!!!

What a fun weekend!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love a good FAHR! Looked like fun.

That story about the old folks and the dildo in customs is hysterical.

Love you. Have a good week.

crystal said...

The Dirty Harry story is absolutely priceless!!

StarGazer said...

hahahahahaah oh my god... that last story was hilarious! And the pups look so cute all lined up on the couch hehe :)

Anonymous said...

wow! what a weekend! your pups all look so damn cute. you two are amazing for taking care of them all.

that fire pit looks KILLER. i want to hang out there!

dirty harry's story almost made me pee my pants. that is HILARIOUS.

Propane Amy said...

I had no idea this was you. And I've been following you for quite some time now.