Sunday, May 16, 2010

Learning To Trust

Little Jazzy came to us to foster 3 weeks ago already. She is such a friendly little girl and has made fast friends with the other dogs but often times when we try to pet or handle her she is scared. Her posture becomes very submissive and she stiffens and flattens herself to the floor. She wants so much to trust but is still damaged. More often she has been joining the other dogs on the sofa and you could see her watching the other dogs come to us for petting and cuddles. The other day she tenatively scooted herself up beside me and finally a breakthrough!

When she first arrived she was a scary looking little girl. But as her sweet persoanlity starts to show she is becoming more beautiful to me. Now I'm just impatiently waiting for her coat to grow back!


vixen kitten said...

She is adorable! Go, Jazzy!

I am so thankful for the work you do. I can't imagine living in a world without people like you in it. You are truly inspiring.


Ms. Moon said...

Now this is beautiful. It takes a huge spirit to inspire such trust.
Which you obviously have.

Jude said...

Now that's a smart dog, still a little funny looking but she's very smart.

My little Ziggy coward on anything but he's slowly (we've had him over a year now) trusting us. Yesterday, I was even able to put my baseball hat on his head and he didn't freak out. First time I tried that he thought I was going to beat the shit out of him. What do bad people do to little helpless animals anyway? shthds

Ang said...

Jazzy is so cute :)...I am thankful for what you do. I know jazzy is being taken care of for sure.

crystal said...

Moments like that have got to make all the work worth it!! She is such a cutie :)

Queen of Ruckus said...

Mel, again, you are amazing! Jazzy is such a lucky dog! ;) You are a saint, I just know it!

StarGazer said...

awww... just precious. :)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I am certainly not bound for sainthood. I just find so much joy helping these little ones grow past their traumas and learn that not all people are cruel.