Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yeah, I guess I'm in a mood.

It's a beautiful afternoon, I stayed home from work, the dogs are bathed, the house is cleaned and now I can sit on the patio and sun myself. Around here the house has been full of stress this week. The facility A works at is currently going through their annual state inspection and when you're the one in charge you feel the weight of it full on your shoulders. She's been questioned daily by inspectors while having them dig through paperwork and questioning the rationale behind every decision all while trying to maintain her normal work. When she came home Wednesday night she had already put in 40 hours this week with 2 days to go.

I've been trying to stay on top of things around the house but when you have two OCD, control-freaks living under the same roof it can be slightly interesting. I can't help but be amazed how when we moved in together we just sort of divided up the chores. I hate to do dishes, she hates laundry and so it all works itself out. But let one of us step into the other's place and watch the fireworks begin. Last night I got the "well I usually do it this way" and I got annoyed and snapped back "well it got done and that's all that matters". Her patience is shot and mine is wearing thin as we found out during a 1am argument. Have you ever woke out of a dead sleep and got into an argument? A barking dog woke her, she was yelling and I woke up and started yelling at her to stop yelling. Yeah, that's how much sense you have when you're half asleep and bitching at each other. We made up around 5am and now I can't help but laugh at how stupid the whole thing was.

So I got to stay home today and that was just fine by me. I am really in no mood to look at one more 5 year old child with bombed out teeth due to poor diet/poor oral hygiene/lack of dental care. Some days I can't help but question when the line between ignorance and neglect is crossed. I suppose that is just an opinion though and we all have plenty of those. So on I go just trying to educate and encourage and convince parents about what is the best treatment and hoping they will put their child's needs ahead of their own need for the cigarettes and tattoos. Yes, I did say tattoos. I personally have nothing against tattoos except when I have a child in pain from their teeth hurting and a parent sitting there reeking of cigarette smoke and sporting an entire forearm (wrist to elbow) of new tattoo (still swollen and starting to peel) and tell you they can't afford to have treatment. Yes, this is a true story and happened to me several weeks ago. One of these days my "censor" button is going to overload. The sad truth is that even with universal health care, I still doubt they would get things taken care of. There are a large number of  people who have full coverage but still don't bring their children in for preventative care or have treatment completed even though it's not costing them a penny. So there you go...just another opinion.

I need a break from my co-workers too. I'm still really bothered by the behavior of some of them when we had a transgendered male to female patient come the other day. There is really no need for such ignorance these days and I snapped back at a few people making inappropriate comments. Now what the hell do I know about what it must feel to have gender identity issues. I'm a woman and have always felt that I'm a woman. I only know what I have read and there is no way I could ever truly understand what this woman has/is going through. The one thing I do understand is this woman has an enormous amount of courage to get up everyday, go to work , live her life and know that everywhere she goes there are likely ignorant people making judgements. I doubt many of them making the judgements would have such strength of character.

Now I think I'm going to go get another glass of ice tea before I mow the lawn and start dinner. I wonder what time A will be home tonight?


Jude said...

Maybe instead of mowing you need to take a 15 minute time out with Harry...just saying.


Ms. Moon said...

You know what? I'm so tired that I'm having a hard time figuring out what to say here. Honestly. I am.
But I do want to say that I agree with everything you said and that some parents should NOT be parents, period, the end, and people who do not know and love transgendered people or who are not transgendered themselves have no idea.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Well, my sweetie has passed the 12 hour mark today and still counting...

Ms Moon-Sorry you're so tired. Feel better.

Jude- I'm not in possession of Harry at this time but I just KNOW he's going to be returned to us somehow. Maybe next time I'll send him to San Diego. :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm with you on the issue of transgender. I am in awe of the transgendered folks' courage. Totally in awe.

Hope A. survives the week. Have a great weekend.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Some people should not have kids! I fear that I may be OCD when it comes to my kid's teeth. I mean, simple dental hygiene is important and if someone lacks it, what else are they lacking in. You know?

That said -

It shouldn't matter if you can relate to the transgendered woman or not, what matters is that you accept her as she is, without judgement. Bravo to you for standing up to your co-workers!

StarGazer said...

holy shit... my mouth about dropped when i read the bit about the tattoo. Good lord!

And good for you, for standing up to the people you have to work with everyday. You have strength of character too!

tommy said...

slip and A in the mini... I see Hatteras NC in your future...come on, you know you want to :) I missed you :)