Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Some Bitching

There are two woman at my office that drive me crazy. Sometimes to the point I'm ready to run out of the building screaming and throw myself in front of a semi. I just can't tolerate the bitching and complaining about how wrong this world is to them- just because it doesn't revolve around their every wish and desire. The last couple weeks have been especially hard because I'm stressed about other issues too. But really, is there a need to complain for 3 hours over the lack of a baby changing station at a restaurant or store. I don't have children, but I took care of my nephews a a lot and I understand it's an inconvenience but I don't consider it to be tragic. I just wanted to scream "Is your life that pointless? Can't you have a thought in your head other than breeding?" I pity the future that receives the children raised by these women; self-absorbed and ignorant with no desire to try to change the world-just bitch about it!!!

When they're not complaining about changing stations and child seats on shopping carts they are tearing apart the men in their lives. I actually feel slightly sorry for the poor dopes that impregnated them. Both of these women are control freaks; they want to raise the children, keep the house, work and cook and they are the only one who can do it right! When the men try to help they criticize and when the men back off they complain the men aren't helping enough. Maybe if I invited their husbands they would like to run out in front of a semi too!

Now I'm not a die-hard feminist but I do believe in the power and talent of woman. I grew up encouraged to do anything I wanted and to not allow myself to be held back because of my sex. I'm a girly-girl who never leaves the house without my makeup and purse, but I can also change the oil in my car, fix a toilet and have a large collection of power tools. Growing up I helped work on the cars, lawnmowers, trim trees, fix broken faucets. I was encouraged to learn these things from the men in my life so I wouldn't have to depend on someone else. I was taught by men to not have to depend on men. For me that was a normal part of growing up and I was amazed when I was older to realize not all girls knew how to do these things. Now that I'm even older I truly appreciate the things my grandfather and father taught me. The End of my Rant!!


tommy said...

I have a secret fondness for power tools...especially things like table saws and drills for some reason. I'm sorry about the psychos at work...throw them in front of the semi instead of yourself though, lol :) Have a great weekend.

Queen of Ruckus said...

Yeah, I hear ya. I too work with those type of women and they drive me insane. You aren't the only one who was surprised to learn that not all women can change their own car oil or fix a flat tire. I was taught by my father to do those things so that I too didn't have to depend on a man for anything. It is empowering. While you may have a foundness for power tools (gotta love 'em!) I have a foundness for muscle cars... gee! I wonder where I got that from? Cheers!