Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yeah, Lilith Fair Returns 2010!!

I'm so excited to see that Lilith Fair is returning in 2010. The last Lilith Fair in 1999 was such a special night to me.

I went to the concert with friends and co-workers just expecting to hang out and have a great time but came home with so much more. A and I were still only friends at that time. There was much flirting but no moves made, no confessions of attraction and definitely nothing physical. We were in the fun flirting stage when there are no strings attached and it is just harmless fun, but a definite current of electricity between us. I had been cruising along happily dating men and then that night sitting out on a grassy field and under this incredible full moon (I know, sounds cheesy) I looked at this woman and realized I could be falling for her. It felt right then it has every day since.

Several weeks later we took our relationship to the next level-even though I had to make all the first moves, but the memories and excitement of that summer night always stays with me.


Dawg said...

Yummo to Lilith Fair!

CJ said...

OMG, really?!?!? I went to one many, many years ago (before I even KNEW what gay really was)...2010, look out, here I come!!!!

Ang said...

This is an awesome story. I hope I can attend in 2010

Jude said...

Nice memories of your Lilith Fair. Yes, I just heard yesterday of it's return. It's about time. I can't wait to go again, if it doesn't get any closer to San Diego than LA...that's where we'll be heading.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

CJ- You're in WI, right? Minneaplois was listed as one of the locations.

Within hours of the announcement we had friends calling and planning a get-together for the show. That group will include A's ex. That should make for an interesting time!