Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Got Busted

Tomorrow morning A has to go for some GI tests. It's nothing serious; just a routine check up but still a pain to deal with. Anyway she had to start her prep this afternoon and had to be on a clear liquid diet all day. This is a hard thing for her since she loves to eat and gets pretty grumpy when her blood sugar drops.

I came home from work tonight and she was starving but offered to cook dinner for me. I refused of course and could not even bring myself to eat in front of her. I sat and drank tea and ate jello with her while she ohhed and ahhed at every food commercial on TV. By 7:30pm my stomach couldn't take it anymore. We needed a few items from the grocery store, so on the way I went to the local convenience store and picked up 2 slices of pizza. I ate one piece in the car and stuffed the other piece in my purse to smuggle into the house. I came home and hauled the bags in and started putting things away.

In the living room I can hear A telling one of the dogs to "stop it". She came into the kitchen and asks, "Do you have some food in your purse? The dog is going crazy digging in there."  I ran into the living room, shooed the dog out of my purse and set it up out of reach. She eyed me suspiciously and asks what I have in there and I tell her "nothing". I immediately can't hold in my laughter and she starts laughing too. She knows me too well. After some major giggling I finally fessed up that I had a piece of pizza stashed in there. I was just trying to be considerate. That damn little dog got me busted!


shane rocket said...

i saw exactly where that was going once you got home. our dogs KNOW when we bring treats home or anything freshly cooked. HAHAHA that's what you get !

C.I.W. said...


How did you think you WEREN'T going to get caught!?!?!?

Were you going to take a fake shower next, and eat the pizza in the bathroom??


Dawg said...

Bahahaha!!! Busted!

CJ said...

Ha ha!! I'm with C.I.W. what were you PLANNING on doing before you got busted??