Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lazy Saturday

It's Saturday night and I'm home blogging. How sad is my life! Actually, I really enjoy these nights at home. It has been an all out lazy day.

I pulled my lazy ass out of bed this morning in just enough time to shower and make it to my haircut appointment. Too bad I woke up with a monster zit on my chin. A took one look at it this morning and blamed it on my father. "It's a stress zit" she told me. No matter, I want it gone. It's a beast!

My new "T" key arrived in the mail yesterday; snapped it on my computer keyboard and I can happily type now. I tried to switch it out with the "Z" key like Jude suggested but it wasn't working for me and I was afraid of causing more damage. After Christmas I'm buying a new computer. I think I'm leaning toward making the switch to a Mac.

I received a call from work asking if I wanted to fill in tonight. I saw the number in caller ID and didn't pick up. I deleted the voicemail. I should have went in...but fuck it, I wasn't in the mood!

A dropped my camera bag on the floor today while in a frenzy of cleaning. Lucky for her the case took the brunt of the fall; camera and lenses checked out okay. Whew!! That could have led to divorce.

We received an application from a potiental adopter for our foster dog. It sounded promising until I read they don't have a fenced yard. Our rescue doesn't require a fenced yard but we have to evaluate the needs of each dog. We have failed miserably trying to train this dog to walk on a leash. We've trained many over the years but this guy is the most stubborn. We've tried every trick. We will just keep trying and hopefully be able to match him with an appropriate adopter.

Finally we received an invitation to a bachorlette party in mid-December. They want us to dress in our most naughty or nice santa outfit. Right away A suggested I dress as naughty Mrs. Claus and she as a elf. She wants me to put a collar and leash on her and carry a whip. Sounds like some fucked up Christmas fantasy to me!

I just popped a bottle of champange and Tim (one of my dogs) comes running. He wants the cork. He doesn't chew on it; just wants to carry it away to his bed and protect it from the other dogs. What a freak! I seem to be surrounded by them!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great bachelorette party theme to me!

Bethany said...

Great post. I love the dog wanting the cork. Good luck finding the right home for your foster dog. I know how hard that is.

Queen of Ruckus said...

I know all about those "lazy Saturdays." :) You know, one of my favorite wineries in CA (Zaca Mesa, great viogniers)has a dog named "Lucy." She's an Australian Shepperd and she loves to play with corks. Last time I was there, the owner popped open a bottle of their harvest year Riesling and gave Lucy the cork. She took it ever so slyly took it in her mouth and dropped it at my feet, wanting me to toss it. I did and she ran across the tasting room, got it, and brought it back. It was too cute. This went on for a while until she took the cork and went to her special corner in the wine tasting room, and chewed on it. The thing is that she doesn't destroy the corks. The owner told me that once she gets outside, she buries them. Adorable. :)

tommy said...

Hell yeah to lazy Saturdays and a case that helped avoid divorce :) Good luck with finding someone to adopt the leash phobic pup... Pepper nearly ate my face off when I switched from a harness to a collar with the leash...but she eats through every harness I've ever put on's too expensive to keep up with

shane rocket said...

Fosters are in your home since they didn't match with someone to begin with, usually by the owners stupidity or ignorance. It is great that you are being selective. no rebounds!

and the cork stealer reminds me of Wiener Dog, he hoards stuff from the big dogs.... DORK
funny stuff! freaks are good!