Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa showed up early this year.

A and I went shopping at the thrift store Saturday looking for items for our naughty santa outfits for the bachelorette party we're going to in a few weeks. No luck with that but I found an old sewing machine table that I fell in love with. I don't sew at all and would rather donate an item of clothing than replace a lost button but I thought it would make a great computer desk. (I know, I'm a 33 year old-old woman). Plus at $40 it was a steal. A snatched it up right away as an early Christmas gift for me. I put a dog bed underneath and one or more dogs sleep at my feet while I'm online. I love taking something old and giving it new purpose.

I finished putting up our new bookcases and entertainment system this weekend. We've been having a blast pulling our books out of storage boxes and filling those bookcases. We also discovered the ultimate brownie, PMS food and treatment for depression this weekend. I have to say Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge Brownies are the most wonderfully sinful things to ever touch my lips (sorry to my honey). They are orgasm inducing all on their own!


aneke said...

That's so something I would've bought.. makes an awesome desk!

C.I.W. said...

OH!! Love the desk!!! Doing that doesn't make you old.. it makes you green! You are recycling and not allowing it to go to the landfill :)

If you like coffee, try sub-ing the water in the brownies for brewed coffee ... 'lish!


shane rocket said...

i think the dog bed adds the final touch! awesome!

anything Ghirardelli is orgasmic. When G and i go to the big city on rare occasions we splurge and hit the mall for one tiny piece of Ghirardelli a piece. that crap is usually 6$ for two tiny pieces... wow. so do the brownies come in a box? at the grocery store?!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Yes Rocket, I picked them up at Walmart and baked them to gooey perfection in my own kitchen.

Bethany said...

Great desk. Love the dog bed too. I've got dog beds everywhere, but the best one is always the one right under my desk.
Don't talk to me about brownies.
We had a bake sale at the library where I work and I'm surrounded by left over baked goods.
Those do sound divine. Glad you found something so....arousing!

tommy said...

That's a great thrift store find...I'm so proud of you :) You know I heart thrift stores, lol. So random note, when you and A get ready for your Williamsburg Trip...let me know--I'll tell Grandma we're gonna have company... it'll do you some good to get out of snow hell :P hahah.

Despedida said...
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Jude said...

That's a perfect computer desk! Great find.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love the sewing table. Great idea.