Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween

Well Halloween is over. It comes and goes so fast and is truly my favorite holiday. I love the scary movies, ghost stories and most importantly it doesn't involve dealing with family!

We spent 2 hours just getting our make-up on yesterday. We had to be ready before the trick-or-treaters arrived. We scared the crap out of the little kids that came to our door-I consider that a great success.
A only carved 4 pumpkins this year (last year she carved 8) and she did a lovely one with my portrait.

The zombie prom queen and her date. The blonde wig freaked out everyone who knows me-this girl has never been blonde one moment of my life! In every picture everyone wanted us to do our best zombie look, unfortunately I'm the zombie who never stops laughing/smiling.

Our good friend is an Elvis impersonator so he wears his costume all year.

It was a late night and after 10 hours in make-up, I was itching (literally) to get it off. It took a lot of baby oil to remove all the liquid latex. I was happy and surprised this morning when I didn't wake up with a rash on my face. The way it was burning when I went to bed, I was sure my face would be red and swollen this morning. The things we suffer through for Halloween.


vixen kitten said...

Great costumes!


C.I.W. said...

Those are GREAT costumes!!! Love the make up-- I want to do something creepy next year!!!! Creepy or the Duggar mom.... or.. that may be one in the same.