Friday, November 27, 2009

One Down, One To Go...

...then I'm free until Easter. Yesterday went better than I expected. My mother's boyfriend had his family came for dinner so things stayed somewhat subdued. My mother had medicated herself with brandy and A and I medicated ourselves with copious amounts of wine. Everything his tolerable with a buzz, right?

I saw A visibily shudder when my 9 year old nephew took my camera and started taking pictures of everything.  I remained calm (the wine may have helped) and just let him enjoy. He actually took some really nice photos of the family; he took most of the pictures of the day. It was fun to watch him figuring it out, enjoying everything and within a short time was asking about the manual controls. I'll save that for Christmas. At least I got a great idea for a Christmas present for him.

My mom and I-we definitely look buzzed.

A and I

Fighting over the last piece of pie...or maybe the last of the wine.

My mom and nephews clowning around.

At 4am this morning I stumbled half asleep, in my PJs and slippers, down the street to my brother's house with my pillow and blanket in tow. He and his wife wanted to hit "Black Friday" sales and had suckered me into coming to stay with my nephews . It was an easy gig. I just fell asleep on the couch with the dog. By 8:30am they came home and I got to stumble home in the same state. I'm such a sucker!


shane rocket said...

awesome. i would fight over the pie also! or feed each other? hmmmm that could be fun too!!

crystal said...

Looks like a fun, laid back Thanksgiving! Kudos also for babysitting on black friday, I hole up like a hermit!!

tommy said...

Great Pics!!! Looks like ya'll had a good time (and having a buzz ALWAYS HELPS..) I never would've pictured with those dimples...You and A look great together... those smiles don't lie :) Happy late turkey day...glad you survived.

firewomyn said...

cute family pix! :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love the photos!